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Finally on today's program deal oems creative director kris van assche is taking the top job at belutti joined in studio by markle's fashion editor jamie waters jamie he will tell us about this one we've seen lots of it well is it is it is there a merry go round of creative directors just yet i mean at the moment it does seem that way yeah the latest news today's kris van assche is replacing hider ackerman at bellucci but yet there's been in in the past of martin has been always changes we've in lvmh group so yeah van asked leaving your arm to go to bellucci hotta ackerman is out of bellucci kim joins leaving louis vitton go to your though virgil abbott come into the tone and any sluman is coming into selane so a lot of changes mostly keeping them within the group and i think a lot of them are contending men's where sorry i think it's a tells us a lot about sort of the lvmh group wanting to get on a sort of tap into the millennial on the next generation well it's going to ask you because what what what does it mean that there are so many moves and they're all within sort of connected stables is it about fresh because it's not completely fresh insight i it's it's interesting an do we we do seem to do we say this sick to klay from time to time with these sort of moves within within the kind of biggest biggest staples or is it strikes me as being slightly unusual paps.

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