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But Monday night when am choir choir same as in grace. I I was doing. I was I was done. I don't know how Mark spoke after that. I mean, I really don't it's it's something that will stick with me for a long time. And I I usually I'm not down on the field pre-game because we have our pregame show. We're getting things ready and Jesse and usually take point on things happened on the field. But it was one of those days where I wanted to make sure I was there. Because I knew how hard Gavin Gert who's in our department. Jackie Maldonado had worked on that pre-game show, you know, to try to pay tribute because like you said, it's a really difficult balance. Because you know, Mark says this all the time, and he says it like our fans come to the game. And it's about football and having a wonderful atmosphere them for them. You know to experience the game. And then all of a sudden, you've got this kind of happens, you know, really thirty six hours before the game. And so how do you manage all that? And again, nobody's perfect. But I think what we as an organization did really. Well, is that you find out in times. Like this a lot about the people that stand next to you. And you know, the mentality here was how can we help? You know, we all have things that were happening DP wrote a story on a Sunday drew wrote a story on a Saturday. You guys came in and shot a show on a Friday. You know like it was all hands on deck. What can we do you have that kind of mentality in this building? And that goes for outside of our department as well, I think you're able to put together something that you can feel proud of because you understand everybody's moving in the right direction. So you're proud of the organization that all this could come together in that short time period. But then you're also like you said just at some point is gonna hit us even more and a hit you like Monday night, and it's gonna hit, you know, so many other people throughout the rest of the year. And you know, this time line of when it's happening for people is is going to be something that we have to be aware of. As well. Because social media changes. Just in a whisper just changes in a snap. Yeah. Did did you was the approach was your approach different for Monday night for the game at all one hundred percent. And I think leading up to it. We posted less obviously wants the news came out rubbish McNair we wanted that to be the focus especially for the first twenty four to forty eight hours. Right. So it's very little about anything other than Mr. McNair is life celebration of all the things he did the community pieces. I mentioned but then on game day for sure we wanted to make sure that you know, it was about Monday night football is about a great opportunity for our team. But we wanted to weave in what Mr. McNair, Matt? And that that game's not happening at least here and energy stadium in the fashion that we would know it without him being here. So the video of getting the know the stuff on the field with his initials. Cow. You know, all that stuff was part of the plan that we wanted to tell this larger story there's a game here. But this game wouldn't happen without him. So we want to make sure you know, that we're doing both. And that's delicate, you know, like, and again, I'm not saying we did it perfectly. But that was kind of what our philosophy was is that this is a huge game for us. But this game never happens. The Texans never happened without Mr. McNair. She can't tell the story of one with. The other. I think that's kind of what our goal was went on game day. Normally it's all about what's in between. Yeah. No doubt. Well, eric. It was brilliantly done brew. It was brilliant of great people that helped then it was it was really done. Its I'm proud to be in this department. I'm proud of the work that we put out and alongside you man. I'm glad that we get to do the servicing brother. Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate I cannot tell you. How awesome it is every single day to work with that man right there and this weekend? What he was able to spearhead was just amazing everybody. I know my department pitched in to me what you saw the video board with Gavin Kennedy, and Tom and what those guys did. And then Matt Lombardi did one heck of a video thirty second video of the guys painting the RCN logo on the field. Jay Tyler's the video. Tyler did I told you earlier, and you gotta go check it out. It's just amazing and Jesse and eight of what they did from a social perspective. And of course, DP drew Mark just wrote unbelievable pieces and the Friday night radio show that we did was just it's one else stick with me for a very very long time. I know I'm I'm really proud to be a part is department and to see the people put into work, and we thought we could give you a little curtain air with our good, buddy. Eric Simon Asensio. Speaking of my department. I have an apartment of three. Well, technically, it's five every single Sunday if you count Jody and Robert which we.

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