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You every day for every Monday through Friday, three six chip Franklin, Nikki medoro and the assembly of of just people with our back. I don't know how you say. How do you say? But they've got our back anyway, so AUSSIE. So you follow me on Twitter at your Franklin. Got a new video up about how Trump chichi off pretty funny story of all the different people that said they've been with him cheating. Mike trico? Who does I think talk about some Friday because I don't ever want repeat myself, but Tiger Woods one yesterday. And then a big part of any anything like that is to say whether or not that really means something in a mental lot to. I mean, the masters is a very stoic stayed group. Right. You know? This. This is kind of a used to be. Can't get a ticket to the masters, by the way, you can't go. You can't buy scout a ticket to the masters. It's like they're handed down there. Very very hard to get. They were screaming tiger. It was unbelievable. Just for half a second. So who's watching then I'm just rich people are able to watch the games. The crowd is very exclusive. It's it's very hard boring though. I know they're they're the true thing is great golfing. Rich people are boring, but I'm saying Richard Gough fan. So they I mean, they're aware of a lot. They know they know what's going on an entire on the entire field there watching the scoreboard they understand anyway. So when tiger one when it's just a I can only imagine what his heart was doing when he was coming up there. And you know, and he still had to make a couple of shots at the end. They were easy shots, but he had to make them and he did. And you know, I my wife's crying, you know, she's so excited because of the. Be I wouldn't be honest with you. If I didn't tell you part of it because he's African American part of it is is I think about you know, how this game was a white man's game. How it's perceived as a white person's game. It always bothered me. When I tell people I wanna play it because I don't play country clubs. I don't belong to any country clubs. Nobody invites me to country. And that's what you do. Nice listeners have been invited. But it's hard for the hours. I work and everything and and I suck. I mean as much as I play I should be so much better. So when I see people that really love the game. And you know, when I go out and play I make friends, I meet people. It's a I wished I'd known about golf on my kids were little I never would have put him in other sports. I would have been just off and maybe bad, maybe baseball. But that was it was a great game to learn about life and everything and tiger. I dunno. I believe he's redemption redeemed himself. I don't know what what you guys would think. Let me go to Debra. Hi, Debbie chip in Nikki, thanks for hanging on. I thought yesterday when the masters, and I have to say that I was never interested in golf. I'm sixty eight years old. But when tiger wood came on the scene it was impossible. Not to watch him impossible not to hear about winning incredible player. He was he worked his whole life. He never had a life never childhood like you mentioned and he dead drove him towards perfection, and he is one of the greatest golfers in the world. Let's remember the Zeller comments to fuzzy Zeller is a US open winner. Who after there was there's a champions dinner after the the next year after the open and tiger had one and he gets to pick the meal and fuzzy Zeller says, well, just tell them, no more fried chicken or watermelon. He said this cost it costs fuzzy Zeller, a WalMart sponsorship cost them a lot of money and people to this day. Remember, fuzzy Zeller, not only as an open championship. But the guy that put his foot and mouth with Tiger Woods. Yeah. It's a kind of crap. That black people have to deal with their whole life, Arthur, ash and tennis. I mean, let's face it, though, golf and tennis are what are traditionally known as sort of, you know, white man's game. No doubt about it and wealthy white man's games. But I just think tiger if he hadn't been Tiger Woods. Nobody would have cared. If he was a serial philanderer. It would not have cared women came out of the woodwork to nail him to the wall. I'm sixty eight my husband I caught him cheating. I'm I'm not for people cheating on their wives. But come on. Renaming himself husband eventually redeem himself. No, no, Bill Clinton did or any more than Donald Trump is come on. How embarrassing you're out when your wife is pregnant anyway, I just want to say that. I think what tiger wood. I think that here's a man who has basically worked entire life to achieve greatness. And he achieved it he was brought down. I heard people saying I hope he loses. I hope he never plays me. Why why would anybody, you know? I don't even understand why anybody would hate on him. So to speak. I understand white people might do it because they're stupid. But I don't understand somebody hating on him because of what he had no relationship he had with life. And you know, I get you. I love your candor, by the way. I'm I'm so so flattered that you listen to us. I do I loved I loved loved the the part of this. You know, that that made me feel like, you know, I know my wife watched, you know, my kids play sports, our whole lives and know how hard it is to achieve greatness. And you know, and the thing when I look at Tiger Woods. And where he is. I wonder if he's done yet. I mean, and that would be the chat second chapter this life may not be over and. I hope not either. But not all those kids playing against him. All those people comp- competing were children when he started. That's the crazy. My gosh. They were like five old. He was their God. And now they're trying to beat them. And you know, how hard it is to play call every time. I. You know, you look at Michael Jordan. You know, you you look at people who who are just are just better than can ever be expected. I mean, you know, I have to say I'm Scott Steph curry, you know, he may fall from grace at some stage in the game. I pray that he doesn't buy, you know, if he does it doesn't make great line go online and five sixty minutes did a piece on him last night ever. It's really good. You should check it out. Just on Twitter ESPN had the split screen between him hugging. His dad Earl when he went is hugging. His son Charley when he won the fifth one the best one is they they they cut to a video of tiger. When he's three years old. And you know, what he says I'm going to beat Jack Nicklaus. Oh, so he's three years old. And you know, then Jack Nicklaus. They asked him. So the Tigers city. Good should Jack Nicklaus be worried because his majors. Total is eighteen and Tigers fifteen I said, I'm just enjoying fifteen right now. I mean, I don't think he's gonna win another major. I think it's going to be. So that's an easy. That's cautious made for him in. And the way he sprays the ball. But, you know, look, I didn't think I told people I think the guy I I made a bet with a guy on the air. And he sent me a note. I think I was the one that said, I don't think he's gonna win another major. Maybe I said he would he bet the opposite way. But he said a beers in order, so one of us was wrong. It just depends on who pays Linda. Hi, you're on with chip and Nikki. Okay. GO your reaction to Tigers win. We were we happy for him. Or just we like a lot of people little cynical. No, I'm very happy for him. I've always been happy for him when he had success mainly because I'm in the black community. What bothers me is that his lack of obvious embracing embracing his black culture, we as a people need to have people to winners to stand up and say, yes, this is who I am falling from grace who doesn't fall from grace in one way or the edit. It's the line like that makes it so very bad. So many men. As a previous caller said have fallen from grace, that's his personal life and with Bill and Hillary Hillary's, not beating up. I'm certainly not going to beat him up keep that behind closed door, and it's your business go on and be the president. Please go on and play golf, his psychological problems kept ten in a space where he continued to fall from grace. But can I interrupt through brick Linda because I think when you're a public persona and you choose that life. You elevate everything you do, and if you're going to especially if you're going to spouse one thing, and then do another you've invited yourself to that kind of criticism. The truth is in golf lot of those guys back on tour that we've revered they were all out catting around a lot. And and. I know had over a thousand women, right? Well, ten. I watched a woman take underwear off and throw them on stage at smokey Robinson. Well that happens at the end of every show here today, it'd be surprised. Yeah. About twenty five thirty years ago, and what I want to say about Tiger Woods being racially mixed. He celebrates his Asian side. I wished he would do the sale he his he puts a lot of money to African American charities. He does a lot. If you go online and do read a little bit about what he does. I just doesn't talk. He keeps us politics to himself. And I appreciate that. I mean, you know, it bothers me that he you know, that that Donald Trump we'll try to reach out to him and you'll probably take his call. But I mean, that's personal thing. Right. I mean as much as Trump authors me that I can't I gotta let that go. I mean, you know, again, Louis last on this, buddy. Chip nikki. So Tiger Woods. You are either Tiger Woods guy. Or you're not. Where do you camp? Do you falling? The hailu. Hi, good. I'm for Tiger Woods. I followed them all throughout his career. Even when he was a little kid. And the thing is in America fifty percent of the divorces, then marriages end in divorce and a huge percentage of those for infidelity. And I think any criticism of that particular item is just nuts. Well, the way tiger. Did. It was a little, you know, seventeen different women and some of them professionals and all it was a little different. But you know, you're right. It's somebody's private life. He's not the president of the United States. It wasn't in the Oval Office while he's talking to, you know, Strom Thurmond on the phone or something I get that. I I I we'll see where this all goes. But you know, the biggest benefactor this is the the next golf tournament the Tigers plan. Oh, yeah. BMW thing. I think it's going to be watching this huge TV ratings. I mean, golf miss Tiger Woods so much and they really need. I mean Rickie Fowler is kind of has a little bit of it. He didn't wanna major yet. I mean, there's there's a lot of great personality is out there. There's this cat. And it's I can't even think another sport. I mean back in the day, the Connors McEnroe kind of stuff that you know, that really got it going, but Tiger Woods and essentially about his professionalism. It's just I mean, his his ability to something about he commands attention. And you know, I don't know. I have I've never rooted against him. Even when there was a period of time where I was I like other people, you know, he he could have lost a couple of majors. You know, that he could have wanted would have totally changed it. All right mother report coming out on Thursday. Convert congressional investigators have subpoenaed Deutsche Bank information to you know, this report if it's redacted as some people guess that it could be like talking to maybe the foreigner pages. If you like a hundred and ten hundred twenty there's going to be a lot of pushback, I think eventually congress will see at all we'll see I mean, I already we're gonna have a guy on tomorrow actually, who is an expert on the the emoluments clause is also impeachment..

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