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What do you think about that? Weatherman losses job for Saint Martin Luther the Coon. I should have been fired. I mean that doesn't seem like a hard call. Yeah. I don't think he should have been oh gosh. We're gonna political here. Medical segment, it's not political at all after tease physical. We go one on the rundown. Nosy? Thank goodness. You you know, I don't tolerate stuff like that. Just don't do you believe in accident. I think he probably acts on air like accent that it slipped out on accident or do you got tongue-tied Tong tongue-tied when I went back and listen to it. Like some other people. Yeah. But I wouldn't even go there. All right. So the Rams and the saints played week nine of the NFL season. Saints won the game by ten points. Rams. First loss of the season. Kinda started that middle six games with the Rams were less than their best six things have changed from that game to what's coming up on Sunday afternoon. According to Rams wire I'm gonna run down all six of these really quick you guys tell me which one you think is the most important and why this might go different number one. They have C J Anderson is now a member of the Rams number two Sheldon rankings is out that of course, is the best interior linemen Ford the saints towards achilles. He's out. Keep to leave is back. That's number three number four down. Dante Fowler juniors. Fulltime starter? He's become a regular part of that defense. Number five Cooper Cup is hurt. And number six is Ted Ginn is healthy and playing well, I would I would say one C J Anderson foot for the Rams to would be to leap. Three would be the de Lima from New Orleans rankings rankings four would be Fowler Cup or gin Fowler. Five. Would be gene six will be Cup Cup is at the end. Thin charity. I it certainly not at the top for me. I think that cups jerk Goth has been a different quarterback since Cooper, that's fine. But the Rams at thirteen four Janury four note he cannot fourteen three seven to win. Kind of the Dallas one, okay? There. They've won since Cooper Cup. So any that big of a deal? No, you want to push it up. But no, not you know, quite understand that there some energy in the room. That's not what I was doing. That I do believe there are moments still in which you can tell that he would like his safety blanket provisional question about that. But my point is it didn't take away from what the Rams were able to accomplish. Yes. The Rams weren't because coober couples there they they were not all of a sudden going to be the number one seed over all they were not, you know, because they may be. They didn't lose any meaningful game by not having him in though. Okay. Let's stop right there for second. Because I wonder if he's there Chicago, and he's running more those intermediate routes if he's there against Philadelphia, and he has they have another weapon there because in both of those games. Josh Reynolds, really didn't do a whole heck of a lot Rams in the Rams as a whole do a high. I agree. But when Goth was under duress most of the season the guy that he went to more often than not was Cup. And he was under duress like crazy in both of those games and Cup wasn't there. I'm not saying that they win both of those just say I'm saying as a whole overall the Rams still accomplished. Yeah. What they needed to accomplish to get to the Super Bowl possibly in s with him out of the lineup. Now, he certainly is in that six category. But I just don't put him ahead of the reason I put a get ahead of him. Because now you have explosive weapon on the field for drew Brees..

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