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Sorry keep going. The enlisting has bailed out the other Brown Davidson actually crashed with with aircraft and were killed right and I found out doing some more research that what happened. Is that the two enlisted. We're able to grab parachutes along with the officers Grad the parachutes to but right after the enlisted wing broke off and threw it into a big spin so the other two officers got thrown into the tail section. And they couldn't make it to the jumpsuit. Which is why they went down that you which again kind of comes into play as a big conspiracy theory exactly the People said that they heard anti aircraft guns when the plane right before the plane crashed So that was kind of a story that a lot of newspapers and in the reason I believe the FBI it was investigating but then people started saying that they were doing that to cover up the story you're saying that the FBI launched their own investigation to cover up everything. Well that's where some of the theories end up going but whenever once the once the palace died the Air Force. Of course they took on the investigation and a little more seriously so they present more people and then the also launched an investigation because of everything that was going on around with it but the air force of course said that what you were saying about the Tailspin and there was a fire. Some some issues. The engine caught fire. The plane went down and then it it crashed the I guess the stories that they were they were saying is is when the FBI came through. They said that the the pieces of metal on the on the they said the same thing that the air force did and then they said that like they investigated the boat in the damage to the boat and they were saying that their stories were inconsistent and they couldn't find any metal on the on the beach right And so what they said is that they. They said that the samples that were there like slag from a metal smelter kind of for some steel production or something like that and that they basically wrote it. They came up with this story in order to have publicity for a magazine article which again later on one of the other characters in the story goes on to produce fate magazine which was one of the leading paranormal conspiracy magazines for many many many many years and so they the FBI when they when they came out and said that they told them that that they're hoax basically wasn't gonNA go over and if they drop them or the when prosecute them for fabricating A fraud because he is altered in the death of those two officers right so the because their story was fraudulent in the officers came out to investigate than they died but if they backed off of their story they wouldn't prosecute them for the death of the two officers which is kind of get where they were going with that but there. It's almost like they use that at that point in time to say hey telling your story. Because they if they if they wanted to pursue the matter even further they could have said. Hey we'll know they were on your best game because this is what we found But again at the time to we've talked about this in the past two at the time to the government wasn't seen so much like it is nowadays with everything being conspiracy or political at that point in time coming off of World War. Two our government. Was you know in high esteem? So I you know there was a different mindset in people back during that time and so basically they came out and said that they they came out and said Hey. Our stories were fake And then they quit giving interviews Danny Body and then but later on yeah. Christmas came out and said that the incident did happen. And Kenneth Arnold mentioned maury Allen in his fifty two book the coming up saucers which was about his story Of what will you know what he witnessed over major in Mount Rainier and most people today believe that Christmas lately faked it? And then they started a hopes to kind of get some publicity. And then it just snowballed and went out of hand but a lot of other people believed that the government was behind the conspiracy and it could have been. Ufo's to What they might have actually seen was dumping of nuclear waste and puget sound A. That's what they were dropping out of these ships which doesn't make any sense to me because we didn't have any I mean unless they were really Like airships or something. That was hauling. This out I mean what what wouldn't have anything now right. That's what I mean. What kind of aircraft would that would have would have gone into that? But nothing that they believe that the government sabotage the bomber to get rid of the investigators and then they blamed all in order to have them dropped their story. And that's basically where that was talking about earlier on that deal right which is probably why they kept saying that. The men in black were the ones who were saying. Dome you're GonNa Forget this. And then to tied in with his son ever no yeah. Yeah so allison. You're listening. I am learning. There's so much there's so much stuff on this it in this is kind of where it starts but there's so much stuff that really goes in. You really went off and a rabbit hole on this. Oh could it gets really really really deep. So let's talk about the space brothers. Yeah I mean it's there's a tremendous amount of stuff on this and and earlier you know I'm trying to I want to make sure I'll try to get some of the the story straight But you know to to not mislead because so much stuff that is kind of hard to keep track of some of that at times decorating especially with it going back and forth to them saying that they were trying to do it and then they sent the story to Chicago to try and get publicity then. They started this fundraising thing. I Dunno different so there was. I wanted to pull up this. Let me see if I can pull this up it. Probably the most popular of the men in black originators was Albert Bender. Yeah he was the victim of the silence group right right and so basically in nineteen fifty. Two Albert Bender formed a group called the international flying saucer bureau which is Sp. And I think this was kind of in response to a lot of stuff that was going on with like project. Blue Book and some of those things so some of the earlier in my mind is blank right now but some of the earlier conceptions of that group and so he joined this more as a public thing to kind of get. I guess more information out there and took off. I mean people were turning in stories and doing all this sort of stuff and then all of a sudden a year later he just to shut it down and then basically he comes out and says that basically the reason he shut it down. Is that these three men in black had came to him and told them basically everything there was to know about. The UFO mystery what was going on. What the real story was behind it. But then they turned his they turned his world upside down and they know they threatened him. And I guess. Didn't they threaten the spackling? Yeah they threatened everything Threatened his company that that group did he did the people in the group they were running everybody which is why probably just left. It couldn't take it no more he just left and I think he came out later on in in in kind of talked about it some more later on lap. And then he had like another men in black Episode or something to it And I don't know you said you didn't WanNa talk about the space brothers but being the space cells could be. I mean for those of you. Don't know space brothers is a of different aliens from the different planets such as Venus Mars and earth and it was like a coalition of them trying to protect earth from pretty much destroying itself. And that's where the space brothers come into play so everyone is trying to deny that's ever happening basically would buy really. WanNa get into. But it's I don't know that those aren't getting in some of the more far fetched. Yeah theories of it but I do think that I do want to back up. Just a second in nineteen seventy five ufologist John Keel. Wrote wrote a very popular book. He did yes. And this is probably where the determining black was coined from. I think this is probably one of the more important so being his. If you're into the paranormal and you don't jong-kil is there's You need to definitely read the book. Yeah you definitely want to look into some of that but you know what the book was called. Allison do you WanNa take a guess? It's a very popular movie. Men in black. I don't know if you've seen this one. But it's the Mothman prophecies so that's where John Keel kind of coined the term in black. I guess put it out more imprint. And some of his books and things and that's where the mini block actually came from. But you don't kill probably was the most widely known in the general spectrum of things by being the author of the Mothman Prophecies which came later. And who was that in that movie? That was My mind is in c Richard Richard Gere. Yes rich here and Anyway great movie. If you haven't ever seen this good of the history of the bridge going down great. I enjoyed that movie completely. It's a it's so then. After all this came out in the that was in the seventies there was a lot of talk about the men in black is that went on and then in the eighties. It just really took off and that's more of more of the Space Brothers kind of came in and ends is I guess what they call him the sauce. Yeah ever the saucer weren't they? Were the ones the enforcers of the silence group. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I can't remember which one amid sleep. I got it in the notes here. Yeah they were associated with the international banking interest to that group they sought to stifled the Technol- technological advances and reform. The space brothers wanted to bestow on the Earth Link so basically the space brothers wanted to give us all these things and they didn't want us to have them right. Do you remember how the what was the deal about the grace with the they were? The grace came later in the space. Brothers were trying to protect us from as because the grades what they said and this relievers name was John Lear. But the grays apparently came down to try to control. Us duddy. It's an even eat us. So that's where the space brothers were trying to protect us. Because in order to get the technology degrades gave US technology and in return we the president and I some reason it true just comes out but I don't think it was. Truman gave the graze permission. To abduct human beings experiments on them and even eat some of them too. So that's where that came about with the grays There there's a bunch of stories but the grace that's the one that sticks to mine we'll see and that's that's kind of Parque. I think it was trained in in. That's where the the base in New Mexico in the mountains Roswell no on the other side of area fifty one yes my mind is like I remember. Just a second. But yes that's where they have the underground base. That's what they do. The experiments there's been stories. Come out of the you know. Come out of there. But yes that's where so where they came out of that is so there are stories of men in black not only being in like black suits and being like FBI agents But there's a lot of stories of them being almost alien ask yes like not having ears or having bury expressionless faces and they're very quirky face sometimes right and when they talk to you they don't they don't Like Dell ask a question. It's almost like I think Ariel in the Little Mermaid when she's talking you know the fork. She's combing her hair when the they don't or what the right terminology or the right use of things are shows are very kind of quirky so people have said that's maybe the men in black are actually a race of aliens that are trying to keep it secret and that's where the space brothers comes in. Because they're here to help US PROTECT US. So they're trying to dispel the information that we don't or information out there and So yeah it's It kinda gets weird. I know when John Lear gets involved is when it gets way weird to me. Because that's where you start getting into I'm actually my mind. I'M GONNA look up the name of that base real quick. Look at my mind mom. My mind is so And I can't believe we. We had that in the notes area fifty one that we did Come on Alison. You should know it. You know with all say Dulcie there yes anyway. I don't know why my mind. That's one of my favorite tales. But I don't know why my mind went blank on that So Yeah John. Lear was a pilot. He flew aircraft for our CIA company. SCI linked to company. And that's where it is that a secret government controls the world and they runs like international drug traded unleased AIDS and other diseases. The traffic control population right.

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