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I didn't know what he was doing that was terrible i don't know if you put them in there just to get a triple double which will be beyond stupid so nate mcmillan i you know i don't know i mean tyler the cavs coach terrible knapik billon i like nate mcmillan but that was that was ridiculous i don't i don't know why the starters and victor oladipo what victor oladipo tweaked his ankle in a thirty point game in the fourth quarter what they're doing why is he in the game can anybody's playing this to me people listening in indiana will you panicking watching him in the game i mean that was just nuts so criticism all around but indiana really stepped it up played a hell of a game and it wasn't just all the depot see unlike lebron all depots getting help the cavs have only one player in double digits in the playoffs besides lebron that's kevin love and he's not playing well donovan she's averaging the pacers have six guys averaging double digits besides all the depot five donovan was not great yesterday but it's played well miles turner's played well psa bonus the last three games is played well thaddeus young and land stevenson for the most part played well all averaging double figures darren collison has been a bit of a disappointment he played better yesterday but but indiana has other guys they can turn to other guys that have stepped up and had big games the cavs really haven't in ocal korver played really well secondhalf game four play really well game five jr smith had one game but but again you know rodney hood was okay yesterday but really they just nobody did anything offensively and lebron scores twenty two in game seven the cavs finished the bronze got to score at least high thirties if not forties for the cavs to win meanwhile the patient's at seven players in double figures yesterday at three as i said calls and finally had a good game.

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