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And it's it's unlimited at the Mercedes dealership. There you go because they assume you're not going to take forty seven cookies. You know, but they're nice. Until this to angels touch. Yeah. We work with a company here and broken arrow called the garage fresh baked cookies. Yeah. And people cannot stand at ten come in it, smells, like fresh baked cookies there making them in the store, they're making in the lobby. It is awesome. So they thought about the needs of people didn't have big screen TV's that Mercedes dealerships here watching great ESPN sports have different channels. You can watch mid got magazines that make sense they've got cars on display shop that are crazy. Awesome car. No want you to look at him sit in fun with them. So they're making it an experience, that's the key. Now, I see a lot of car dealerships out of auto repair shops, where they don't think about the customer experience the customers now sitting on blue chairs from like that they stole from like, a third grade imagery, you know, Know what what I mean? I mean, they got magazines from nineteen four people they've got. And it's not good old people magazine's, I'm reading about the recent death of Princess, Diana. What in the world? Already been filled out says George Lucas plans to launch Star Wars. Anyway. So your people we landed on the moon. Call my wife. I mean, you're reading through old periodical I visualize the place I'm talking about right now with the does the wrong way. Now, let's think about it again. If you go in Schupp, what's something you need to do every three thousand miles four thousand miles with vehicle change, my oil. So I've been told okay. So I go to change oil change oil. We take it in there. Now when you take it in there on a Saturday, how long it's gonna take you to get to the place where you have your oil changed actually at the garage talked about so about fifteen seventeen minutes and once you get there to the garage. If wouldn't you like it if they would do or any business out there listening? That's an automotive repair. Wouldn't it be cool? If they did a twenty point inspection top-down, Dr brick. Yeah. Sure, they did twenty point inspection. And they say here is what's about to go wrong. Say hey, you know, what sir by the way? Seriously. This just happened local place. I took my car to about a month ago. They did not do this for me. I pull out of there, and I was stopping to go into the gas station. And my my kids were still in the car out there. So I go into pay. I noticed my front headlight is out. I'll come on. So I drive back to the place. I was just at and I said, hey, can you change my light while I'm here? And the guy said, yeah, we can't was it out. When I got when I was here. He goes. Sure. Bring it out. So if you had a twenty point checklist, you say to the customer, and so Trump imagine that this was your experience I come back yesterday. Just you know, we did our twenty point inspection looks like your wife or blades need to be replaced. K? Looks.

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