Jelani Cobb on the Murder of Daunte Wright and the Derek Chauvin Trial

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This week coverage of the derek chauvin trial. It's been an amazingly distressing week in terms of the coverage of what's going on in the courtroom minneapolis where derek chauvin is on trial and even as is happening of there was another police shooting this one of dante right also in minneapolis and it requires journalists. Who are doing this to cover all these things at once. What's going on in the courtroom protests in the streets. What's going on with the dante right case and how to put all this together too so it makes sense and how to tell. The wider story is the job of now as we face a critical week next week when a verdict could well come down in the chauvin trial. I'm really happy to be joined by. Johnny cobb new yorker staff writer. Who has a piece about this. This week in the new yorker and has been covering the george floyd murder happened last may welcome gilani. So you've been reporting from minneapolis. For how helen helen we. They're a do days. What does that mean like. What how do you do that so you wanna you wanna keep an eye on what's happening in the courtroom but you also want to keep an eye on what's happening the street. So how did you. How did you go about reporting so these strange times as we already know and The nature of the trial was that only two reporters could be inside the actual courtroom and so they were doing pull reports and in the courtroom the in the courthouse The media were watching the proceedings on a bank of televisions and so the communications person for the courthouse literally fed. It's no different than you watching it in your living

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