A highlight from Friday, April 16, 2021

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Mass shooting a fedex facility killed eight people. The gunman identified as a nineteen year. Old lisa shooting at random in the parking lot before going inside all of unfolding in just one to two minutes. The gunman taking his own life what fedex revealed about him late today cova cases on the rise. The us now reporting seventy thousand a day in michigan at least thirty five hospitals are at ninety percent capacity but even with johnson and johnson's vaccine on pause wire. Half a million appointments across the country. Unfilled chicago on edge. After the release of bodycam showing police fatally shooting thirteen year. Old adam toledo what the other videos from the scene reveal and the new plea from the boy's family the first guilty plea and the deadly capital riots in my exclusive conversation with the acting capital police. Chief how she's responding to the scathing watchdog report on miss warnings and security failures say athlete speaking exclusively to nbc news. After she became the victim of an anti-asian attack the frightening encounter. she caught on video and the royal farewell for prince philip the role prince. Harry will play. This is nbc. nightly news. With lester holt reporting tonight from washington. Dc good

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