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Several thousand people took to the streets lynn on thursday. They were protesting a decision by a constitutional court to lift a rental price cap that had previously been in place the cap which had come into place in february last year froze prices for five years at june twenty nine thousand nineteen levels next as per hour friday form on the late edition. We'll be checking in with our left field. New york correspondent henry reese sheridan today his missive tackles the environment with one beady eye on new york city's mayoral elections to come wait and finally. We'll be looking at the news agency reuters decision to introduce paywall. It's online news stories. Is this the future of journalism. I somehow doubt it will be discussing these topics and plenty more besides on the late edition here on monocle. Twenty four an exceedingly warm. Welcome to the late edition here on monocle twenty four. It's friday the sixteenth of april. And i'm josh venit matori house in london and i'm joined today in-studio by monocle twenty fours finest we have here nando gestapo checker and carlotta rebelo coletta. Plenty to get through on. Today's show. But i'm going to come to you. I as the urban est herself. I wonder what you the producer of our show about cities each week looking forward to doing in unlock downing london. As it begins to open up honestly just the past week has just been a great reminder of love london so much I was Quite cautious on monday. The grand reopening kazai just as someone who lives in leaves london. It's i knew it was going to be carnage on the streets You know a lot of young people have been indoors for more than a year So i think my flat was one of the few that we were choosing to stay indoors on monday. But then you know cheesy went to our local. We managed to get a table without booking which is a great miracle on wednesday We ended up going for drinks with some colleagues here from work. The first time we figured out we had gone from drinks for drinks together after work since two thousand nineteen. Because you know january and fat was so cold in twenty twenty. That didn't happen as really nice to To get together and this weekend you know. I'm saying home tonight of my own choice. Which hasn't happened in ages and into tomorrow i'm going meet some friends for a nice lunch in the sun and have a few drinks. I am very very happy to you know. Go back up there and socialize and bit of life back and it's great to see you know the city back in full swing I mentioned this to fernando few others earlier today. One of the things that i completely forgot about was you know the amount of space that we actually don't have and pavements and on monday. When all these businesses are from shot full months started to get their outdoor seating. I was like oh yeah. This is how it used to look make me. It made me a bit nostalgic. Like for got this place. I now only go to get a takeaway coffee. I can actually sit outside and enjoy being there for a while. So it's been great and fernando. Augusto pacheco great pleasure. To have you on the show. I want to know what's going on. In soho where you live overseas packed and busy part of london nostalgia for the way things were on nuisance. People you know what. Actually a journalist interviewed me in the streets of soho saying. Oh as a resident. How do you feel about that. I feel great. Listen i know that. I live in a neighborhood where the nightlife is so precious. I welcome you know it is a little bit noisy. I was not used monday. It was like oh. That's how he really looks like. But i'm keeping actually very quiet. I'm not actually booking tables for now. And this weakening our look forward to a little bit of shopping actually. I'm kind of tired of shopping online. Getting the wrong sizes of of clothing. So yeah definitely go browse around loan. I wanna go to a few design shops overlook which kind of couches they have. I need a new coach action. It was to go back to the bookshop during lunch. Break to pop around the corner gone dont books. I hadn't done that in such a long time. And i didn't even buy anything i just wanted to be in a bookshop and least track of time for but but i will go back and make a purchase. We should be helping independent bookshops. So we're gonna head from here in london a city which is kind of rediscovering. Its grew a bit of nightlife in a bit of fun to germany Which is suffering a little bit more than the uk at the minute. but we're going to talk about housing. The berlin capital source. Several thousand people take to the streets yesterday. They were protesting the lifting of ranked cap that froze rents for five years around one point. Five million apartments in the capital one of the most debated laws in germany. There are potentially disastrous implications for the tenants who not only face higher rents but also the possibility of going back payments. We're going to play a clip. Now that i add on the globalist this morning. His it. Rachel loxton a berlin-based writer and deputy editor of the local in germany. Yeah well as you can imagine. Lots of people are very angry actually last night. There was a huge demonstration in a part of the city. Am where people go out and said you know we want this rent. Freeze back There were a few scuffles with police but it was mostly peaceful and what you have to remember that in the moment that we heard that the ramp freeze low was being overturned. Many people's rents went up often by hundreds of euros.

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