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Live from NPR news under or RAHM. Protests continue in Brooklyn center, Minnesota after police shot and killed a 20 year old black man during a traffic stop last Sunday. Families and friends of others who claim police brutality, held a news conference Saturday to say the shooting is nothing new. Emily Democra says Brooklyn Center police shot and killed Autistic son in 2019. We stand here with these families in Minnesota alone. In just 20 years since communities united against police brutality But keeping a list we're almost to the 500 person, Martin The police officer who shot and killed Dante right, has resigned from the force. She's been charged with second degree manslaughter. Officials say it appears she had mistaken her pistol for her Taser when trying to subdue right. Brooklyn Center is a suburb of Minneapolis, where former police officers on trial for the killing of George Floyd. Closing arguments are scheduled for Monday. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is being criticized by some state Republican organizations for not doing more to overturn the 2020 election results that showed President Trump had won lost. Stephanie Stokes from member station. They'll be way be reports, One County Republican Party approved a resolution saying governor camp stood by and did nothing to help President Trump. The vote's took place during statewide county party conventions and come after months of pressure from President Trump following the election and are taking place is camp got his first primary challenger for the 2022 governor's race. Still can't maintain his support among many Georgia Republicans. As other county GOP organizations rejected resolutions to condemn his leadership. Several county parties instead directed their ire at other state leaders. Such as Secretary of state Brad Rapids Burger, who directly oversaw the November election for NPR News. I'm Stephanie Stokes and Atlanta, Canada's most populous province is imposing new measures to fight a rapid spread of covert. 19, Ontario has recorded its highest number of daily cases since the dynamic began in carpet, Chuck reports. The new measures come a week after Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced the state of emergency and a stay at home order, but case counts continue to climb and hospital ICUs are Overwhelmed the measures, put more limits on retail and restrict recreational activities for an additional two weeks for it is also closing Ontario's borders with other provinces to all non essential travel. Police had been given wider powers to stop a vehicle or person to ask the reason for an individual leaving their residents. Board says Ontario is losing the battle against the covert 19 variants. He's also asked other provinces for help with health care resources. Health experts in Ontario say. Not only are the ICUs filling up, but those who staff them are becoming overwhelmed. For NPR news. I'm Dan Carp in shock in Toronto, This is NPR. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University say the number of deaths due to Cove in 19 worldwide has now surpassed three million. There have been more than 140 million cases. Health officials say the number of new cases per week has nearly doubled over the past two months as more contagious variants of spread. NASA will pay Elon Musk Space X $2.9 billion to build a lunar landing system to ferry astronauts to the surface of the moon. MPR's Matthew Schwartz reports. Space X was one of three companies chosen last year to develop technology for NASA's human landing system program. On Friday, NASA announced Space X won the contract beating out the Jeff Bezos company, Blue Origin and Alabama defense contractor Dinette IX. It's the first time the space agency will use a human lander built by a private company. It's being built as part of the Artemus program, which aims to bring Americans back to the moon by 2024. NASA plans to send four astronauts and a multiday rocket journey to moon orbit. Two crew members will transfer to space X is lander for their descent to the lunar surface. NASA says that at least one of those astronauts will be the first woman to set foot on the moon. Matthew Schwartz. NPR NEWS Washington A doctor with an activist group in Russia. Says the health of Alexey Navalny is deteriorating rapidly and the imprisoned dissident could be on the verge of death. Navalny went on a hunger strike nearly three weeks ago, saying he's being denied treatment

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