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50 million acres of land and one million square miles of ocean. By 2030 bt Charlotte Wptf them Chester W L. N K H D to Charlotte Use TALKING 11 10 99 3 buying response to the border crisis. I'm Mary course. Eddie Fox News. President Biden on Saturday said he will increase the maximum number of refugees admitted this year to the United States. The president originally talked about capping somewhere around 60. 2500. But when he signed an emergency determination some Biden allies that have been close to the president for years are saying Wait just a minute. You promised that you would raise the cap a little bit higher. The president who is in Wilmington, Delaware, this weekend may not end up keeping that cap it 15,000 after quite a pushback from those closely aligned with the president, like Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, who said these refugees can wait years for their chance and go through extensive vetting 35. Wasn't already facing the greatest refugee crisis in our time. There is no reason to limit the number 2 15,000 Fox's David spot reporting. Meanwhile, the U. S. And China the world's two biggest carbon polluters have agreed to cooperate with other countries to curb climate change. The State Department says The agreement was reached during U. S climate envoy John Kerry's trip to Shanghai last week. Plus Republicans and Democrats clashing over the idea of a potential expansion of the number of justices on the Supreme Court. Will 82 year old Supreme Court Justice Stephen Bryer is slow. Down physically over the years, His colleagues say his mind is as sharp as ever. That didn't stop of freshman Democratic congressman for calling on Briar to retire on Fox News At night, Texas Senator Ted Cruz offered a stark warning. Should Democrats succeed in packing the court and raising the number of justice is from 9 to 13. If they succeed in packing the court, we would have a radical left wing Supreme Court. That would take away our fundamental rights to free speech. Our rights to religious liberty. Our rights to the Second Amendment. The last Gallup poll shows a majority of Americans trust the Supreme Court and approve of how the justices handle their job boxes. Lucas Thomason America is listening to Fox News. Baby boomers and retirees, protect your retirement and avoid the coming after shock of

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