Me your rant. Give me a random The Cubs 32nd rant and the floor is yours. The slow start. They're not hitting what's going on with the North Siders. Matthew. They're hitting 1 67. Their swing in Miss rate is unbelievable. There. O P s is the worst in baseball by almost a half a point. They are the most anemic Cubs team in the history of Cubs baseball through 12 games. Any 12 games stretch in their history. They've never been this anemic and there have been you and I have both seen. I've seen more because I'm older or bad Cubs offensive teens They are terrible and to have the number of all stars they've got. Yeah, and still put up. These pathetic numbers is absolutely abysmal. I blame ownership for not signing these guys. I don't know what Tom Ricketts is doing. You know what? Here's the thing with Tom Records. Tom Ricketts got his MBA from the University of Chicago, right. He knows how to make money even by the Chicago Cubs because he loves the

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