Interview with Tuvia Tenenbom


He's my absolute pleasure to welcome back to johnny gould's jewish state to via tenenbaum. Absolute pleasure to be with you again. You know you are a true free speech. Doyenne and for this particular podcast. I think it's the first thing verson ground rules as you can smoke. That's the first thing eight you're wanting to billion and the second thing is you truly opened my eyes to my own. I think tolerance of jew hate when we first met two years ago thinking because before that time you know. I've been conditioned i think in growing up in the uk in school where they're only three jewish kids to tolerate the what they call politely banter works erm you would call anti semitism and it did overstretched itself from time to time and i think that is a sort of shall we say looking for a better word but would have jimmy cued. I think from a lot of british people. And i think that's what you sean likes this book. Which is finally out in english. That's why it's called the tame taming of the ju. it's not just a take on shakespeare. It's the taming of the jewel. I mean giuseppe. Funding indicated biden. Own amazing to me edo deny or tolerate and sometimes joined together. Fox's would there accuse us we'd the hate us. That was shocking. I mean the fell. Shocking was citizen. This admit is imminent burden. I didn't expect it. I went to britain. Because i'm a tinto naomi's love english data. I said okay. My published opportunity mean sister. Go anywhere you want whatever you would like to go is i like to go to britain. I like to go. i like to see did out. I mean zane ought to do it better than anybody else. That's what i remember. And then the was black seed said. Okay i'll see you two belting stone which one stone i didn't expect anti-semitism and i didn't expect such a contaminating such a contagious. Such deepen. they semitism so deeply rooted. You know it on an island katelyn or in england which is the most important of course a bit of the uk but it was a frightening to sit and what is more fighting. Wants to see the basically. I'll kind of collaborating. Sometimes they had to fight jewish lead. Doesn't seem like law. Your people told me this and that your people told me i interviewed. People not told me are available. The life is a horrible thing so this is the common people and it took time. Tim's admitted but one that gate open has had them open and started talking. Honestly say to me you know. How many times have been told delta jew oh you know let us all kinds of dips and it's like amazing much so and little kits in manchester of hasidic. The auto talks kits in manchester and london will have had acts pelted them only storm so whatever it is i mean is a big addictiveness and we talked to jewish leaders saying even when the time used to say anything against wirelessly well owning two positions if to say one wowed against jimmy coleman only now's opt in the position you know as it became hewison you wayne saying that a one is easy allies. That are not going to be selected you know in a volume label for example district. Tina zero willing to say it was piping to see that one of the most disturbing rates. I think of british antisemitism and this might go around the world as well is. There is a sort of dog whistle so that someone can maintain that they're not anti semitic so someone who is an influence on me. Extreme left and concise something assiduously continuously hard left without. Referencing jews but then. His followers commend dog whistle a really serious anti semitic sort of betrayal of what they think themselves. I'm using an example of a very powerful voice. Which is john bishop. Who has who has three and a half million followers. He prostrate himself in front of ken loach on twitter. He said all this great interpreted it was as though he transferred the word. A jeremy corbyn for ken loach. I would kneel before him. And then if i couldn't anymore i prostrate myself in front of him which set off a huge torrent of jew hate and of course he a month ago on holocaust memorial day. Couldn't believe the terrible tragedies and then this is where the problems lie and that's an eye opener i think for british choosier surprising the anti-semites i mean disgust for britain and coastal are the places. You know that they took very nicely. Buddy dead jews in world war cho- you knows such nice people bubble and so bad and let's give some money to memorize them and and an make any fence you know maybe even endows of comments may be whatever it is making events you know in in a beautiful place to memorize their juice by the juice living was you know i mean it's like at all let's let you know what's album changes on the plane and of course the cord is a polish time. The code is is the stinian am am by itself. You know if you kill by the palestinians you know it doesn't mean that you don't like jews you know if you're critical officially doesn't mean that you're antisemites if you are cup only fizzle and if the only people who care about our justice palestinians because you killed by nobody else. Don't get about. Muslims in china while being tortured by million. Your don't care about syria. Don't care about libya you don't care about lebanon. You don't care about you. Don't even know what happens in yemen. Of course you never heralded by the war in chechnya and and distorted opening their head about anything. Only but it's going to stadiums you know is that there's a problem and they interesting thing when when i went into states and talk to the people and i tied to figure out. Why only this issue bottles you know. Other they show from people is back know underneath it. The other side was fight. Independence genius he. So did choose members alleys jews and a hall of people or some people would say something like you know what you will high. I don't know why feedbacks why feel about palestinians and i don't feel about anybody else. I have to think about it not over the palestinians up. You know it's like when. I wanted to start with like anyone to my my wife. Easy as you mentioned and i went to take a towards kamla sound everything and i'm gone to straight on that and i pick up young people young white folks as they call them. You know students. And i say i. My name is ahmed. And i'm from palestine. Would you like to appointing the individual cumberland. I say to say some wards full touma. Addison sister palestines and yet when you see slice cates looked like he must santana even studious and everything or well drafts. And the person free pop stein. And then he apologizes up. Tradit- day. Yes not yet picked up to join the battle. I'm just like you away. Think i'm posting. Think whether you might want to. Nobody looks like from his teens. You don't even have. Some people do not know the distance. When i asked him to stupid question between lemon palestine.

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