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We found out what was that like ten days ago. We're having a baby boy dude man. What's up everybody. Welcome back to couple of thing sean. Andrew podcast all about couples things they go through. I sound like a man. I'm excited for today's livestream. Because you might get a see sean. And all her allergic hormone glory. Yeah yeah allergies on point. your body. Temperatures escalated really hot congested. Generally uncomfortable thing yeah. I woke up this morning now. I didn't even wake up. So i like went and showered and changed walk out this morning and andrews like wow eulex pregnant today no no bins significant others. Let's not say that. Let's just say that. I'm into like i. I love how you look when you're pregnant. That's let's say that next time or we like you look so beautiful today. You do look so beautiful today to be honest with you you got. Do you have any makeup on. I love this version of sean. Thank you there's so many different versions. And this is digging yourself out of which we have with us today. Natalie and cassie and olivia. Hello patrick says all hail andrews king and chloe says she hopes you're okay and the better. I'm fine. It's just allergies and i. I've had allergies my whole life really really bad and i usually take like almost prescription strength allergy medicine but since i'm pregnant Poor little drew has allergies too. She wakes up. There is like super puffy and she's got already knows. Are you saying what she's been sick with. Who's actually allergies. I didn't know that were you alot. I thought she was sick. No we talked to what we are beating attrition. This conversation yes. She has allergies out really quick. Couple other things. I just gotta get off my chest. Hear things not to say to a pregnant woman. May we should do an entire episode on this all the comments and people saying man you look huge or like that baby must be big or are you sure you're not having twins guys. Let's not say that you are you sensitive to that. You're sensitive to that. Don't act like you're softy. I feel like i feel like you're in a beautiful way very secure in who you are. I am but i already told you. Remember a few like ten weeks ago. I was like i feel the need to tell people. I'm not as far along on farther. Along than i am. Because they're like whoa you poppin girl. It's just like that means the based healthy. I don't mean that to douse your fire. Yeah obviously want you to feel loved of not digging myself on home. yeah. I'm just saying there's things to be sensitive about and i love my changing body and i love the miracle that's happening however because women go through craziness just like man. You are beautiful. Keep that okay. Today's livestream the purpose of it is to answer all of the questions you might have had about the gender reveal that we did which by the way with so much fun. The video itself. I feel like in some ways was better than like. Actually i don't know teared watching the video you know what i'm saying. It captured the whole thing so well. And because we weren't a part of the lead up. And the planning with lexi natalie. Just seeing all that made it awesome. You know what i'm saying. Yes and i wanna take you guys back because a lot of people have asked us why we decided to do. A gender reveal when we didn't do on withdrew in for us. This pregnancy has just been so different from the get go that we we saw as like this little humans own journey in celebration and everything is different. Because we're i'm now pregnant and chasing a toddler in our life is different. Everything is different so we didn't want to just repeat drew's life. We wanted to do something different. So we decided to do the gender of y'all an on top of that. I was thinking about when i prepared everything for drew. It was so excessive. We bought forty of everything in every color. In case it was a boy in case it was a girl and with this baby. We learned so much withdrew that you just don't need a lot of stuff and i didn't really want to do the excessiveness time so i wanted to know the gender so we could truly prepare in like have everything ready and i'm sold on the whole. Reveal thing right now. Yeah it was so much fun. We if they don't know do you wanna tell them okay. If you haven't seen the video will link that but we found out. What was that like ten days ago. We're having a baby boy. Ashlee dude man. It is hilarious that we were hundred percent expecting a girl. Yes i know. I just have so many friends. I have a brother who have had three or four girls in a row. Yep and i was like all right. That's brother had three boys in a row so we thought it was kinda like whatever whatever sex today comes out. That's why you're stuck with for a while there. We were prepared to have thirty girls trying for a boy and it is nice. Just to know that we're going to get to experience having a boy and a girl. Yes and i'm pumped about that so i'm glad we could share that experience with you. I know there's a little like there's a little. Everybody was so excited for us to release a video. But i'm glad that we waited to have edited. Yes because i. That was a video. That i'm very proud of so anyway it was. Oh my gosh. It was so cool. It's so cool to see those moments and go back to it. I really watch and this. Is debbie downer ivory watch our miscarriage video a lot just because it like is really sentimental you watch the birth of a lot.

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