The Tapes That Convicted Pamela Smart

Crimes of Passion


Pierce walks slowly through the winning run at high school media center. She'd worked there as an intern for months but this time she felt completely out of place. Nothing seemed real. Thanks to the hard metal box strapped to her side and the thin wire snaking around her torso. She repeated the detectives instructions over and over in her head when she arrived at pam smarts office. She took a deep breath and studied her hands before knocking on the door as she entered pam stood up and moved in for a hug. Cecilia felt herself. Start sweating and frozen place like a cornered animal. She was sure the older woman would feel the wire under her clothes. She awkwardly turned to the side to hide it. Miraculously pam didn't seem to notice anything amiss and went back to her desk. Motioning versus celia to have a seat to before she could lose her nerve. Cecilia started laying her trap. Just like the police had coached her. She could feel pam trying to get in her head as they spoke saying she was sorry. Cecilia got dragged into something so tragic but cecilia pushed back. She was the only one who could do this. People were counting on her billy pete. Jr and the police all she had to do was get pam smart to slip up. She needed a confession.

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