Backlash Grows Against Georgia Voting Law

The Classicist


Democrats have made voting rights. Or at least what they referred to as voting rights a centerpiece of their agenda over the last few months. I've i've phrase it that way not to be. Tendentious highlight the fact that the rhetoric around this issue from democrats would suggest that. What's at issue is whether a vast number of people will be disenfranchised when in reality if you look at hr one. They're big voting rights bill in the congress or if you look at something like the reason voting rights bill that passed in georgia which progressives are outraged by the those are not quite the stakes. What's perhaps most notable about all this. You might expect a political party to overstate their case here. But now you have the media at corporations lining up in lockstep with that narrative to the point where major league baseball all-star game out of atlanta because of the new georgia law. As if it was the reimposition of jim crow what's your takeaway from the the backlash that the left is sort of engineered here over the past week or so. Well we know. It's not an empirical worry on the part of corporate america and the left over disenfranchisement of voters because in the two thousand eight and two thousand twelve election to take one example in states that were more restrictive. I e colorado delaware joe biden's home state which is seen basically runs black registered. Voters voted in the higher percentage of than did white voters. So why did they do that if it was restrictive and they did it because they wanted to vote for barack obama. And that's number one so we know that that's not true that the georgia law anything comparable to it restricts black voters

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