Steve Harvey recounts 2015 Miss Universe mix-up


I don't know what's going on over here. steve. Harvey was on kevin. Hart's podcast comedy. Gold mines with kevin hart and one of the things they talked about. Was that big miss universe mistake. That happened back in twenty fifteen on live television. You'll remember when he said the wrong name of who actually one here he is just reflecting on. That really wasn't my fault. I wish i had. That took the bullet like i did. The teleprompter said and the new two thousand fifteen miss universe is the dude in my ear said. Read the next name on the card. Steve hold hold hold. The next said miss miss colombia. Good jobs steve. Going back i go all the way back. I'm sitting there and a black dude that i have doing. All my shows came to me and say big dull. You said wrong. The queue talking about yeah would. I don't know why he took that bullet. I'd be like no is said in teleprompter. I didn't do it wrong. This is this is the car and they did in the newspaper tomorrow. You don't have to go back out there. And he still wanted to go back and correct his mistake instead. Senate waiting for it to be in the paper the next day. Here's what he said about that. I went to the press conference and the colombian reporter was there. It got real hood at wild. Because you know i said i'm sorry three times. How could you make such a mistake. This stupidest thing does ever have say. Yeah one more time. Call me stupid. i'm telling you right now. Matatus let me show. You still got hands. I don't really think you would me. Which low fat.

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