Boeing puts up for sale its Commercial Airplanes headquarters campus outside Seattle


Estate footprint. The company says its commercial airplanes headquarters in Renton Is up for sale more from Cuomo's Corwin Hate in Boeing's heyday as a local company, the old Long acres campus was the nerve center of its power and influence. Now, The Seattle Times reports, the 215 acre campus is officially on the market. The potential sale comes as no surprise, Boeing said six months ago it might sell the property and many other local sites in what President Greg Smith described As a thorough review of the company's real estate holdings were reviewing every piece of real estate. Every building every lease every warehouse every sight to look at how we can be more efficient, Smith said last October, the pandemic has helped Boeing understand it is possible for local executives to work remotely. Still, the potential sale is sure to reignite questions about whether Boeing plans to further shrink its presence in the Puget Sound area. Corwin Hague Co. Moh news. It's 704.

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