A highlight from Dr. Adam Harcourt


Listening to the dr drew. Podcast on podcast one. Okay so i've been saying how crazy it is that it's already spring but you know what that means that means next up is summer. I know so strange. But it's coming up quick. I personally love a wax anytime of the year but especially during the summer months. Waxing really is just a must have for me. And i know a lot of my girlfriends do it too so when it comes to waxing. I'm a big fan of european wax center. Because when you go there you get the best. Buy the best. They're certified wax. Specialists are trained in prepping protecting and pampering your skin all very important things and did you know that as the experts in wax european accent is also the expert of skin. I really believe it's important to explain. Liait moisturised take care of all of that beautiful skin all over your body. And i love that.

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