Thought of the Day: Leaders Should Always Speak Last


Leaders should always speak last welcome. Today's leadership thought of the day brought to you by leadership lifestyle. Podcast leaders should always speak last. This is something that the great nelson mandela talked about. When he was actually talking about his father who was a tribal leader in one of his principles. His father's principles is when they would have a meeting. He would just sit in silence and let everybody speak first so he could get everybody's perspective on different things and really focus on listening where people are coming from before he would interject and when that conversation came out other people have ideas from other people and better things. It'd be discussed because they weren't they when the leader speaks i. Everybody wants to mimic of leader said it. Maybe i should say it instead. Listen to your team. Then you want to interject when you have all the information. Ask some great questions. So today's leadership thought of the day brought to better leadership lifestyle. Podcast grow yourself just a little bit

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