An interview with CIEHF President, Amanda Widdowson On Why Design Should Be For Everybody


Welcome to this episode of twelve to human factors. Podcast this interview. Something that i've been wanting to do for an awful long time to really get into what it means to be. The president of the chartered institute of human factors but calls with covert and with everything being terribly busy The current president has been a bit of person to track down. But i finally got hold of the individual sense. So welcome and thank you very much for joining us. Thank you very very pleased to be here. Yeah so. I'm underwood's don't you. Now the the human capability capability leave tallies But he hasn't always been there. Where did it all start. How did you get into human factors. going back to the very beginning which is quite a long time ago i i was looking for higher education qualification and that was related to the psychology degree that i did because i found that i i wasn't really Successful in getting related career once they graduated ignored. I go good degree I really interested in the bar logical sidon. Psychological side economics was contested marriage. Those two blends And i was lucky enough to get a medical research council. grant that he mse economics at ucla. I'm from then. I've been working in makes absence. So that was really. That was my big turning point. There's just something that i've always been passionate bow. And i've always been interested in my even my summer jobs that i had. I was always thinking. Oh you couldn't we design that back. So is this the right way to do things say i've always had an interesting vices. I'll say this past year has been challenging. Puerto possibly more challenging than most I've had suddenly felt that in the you know the wool working from home thing is certainly respect. It's been brilliant because you've been been home but then in some respects has been rather difficult because you've been at home all the time. Have you found it. How have you found working from home. Yeah it's been a k- i mean in. I think i'm fortunate in that myself. And my pont vice working from home at the moment. I'm we've got separate rooms the enabling today that off. He on this portion. As not. But i think is really helped us maintain the sensor base and ability to to what effectively saying that i did spend some Working out of sight because since the The nature of the weltman that i couldn't work from So i've also experienced that side as well and that's been really challenging. How you work in an office and work together to kind of huddle. But you've got to maintain the social distancing it's very strange nomination though I've been able to do my job. in just as effectively I haven't really had a. She's being a consultant anyway on east working remotely and in different places and did occasionally wet from home before say I've found it a lot easier. I think than than most hasn't been such a change for me so And in some ways they're they're being benefits it's It's nice not to have to do travel or the strangely. I was finding myself missing. Joe biden was named before but lockdown is about an hour's drive now meet and economist that kind of listening to the radio in the car and the open roads and you know indistinct to You know my kind of playlist thing so missed that a little bit but ultimate. I think our benefits as well as disadvantages in the new ways of working that we will have to adapt to think sunny grew with with with a lot of that because the gap between no matter. How my driving to his fifteen twenty minutes And just having that space to most chill out and wind down all when you going to work so to start teaching yourself up if you've got any sort of meetings or whatever what you're gonna do You saw really lose space when you're working from home you're stepping outside of just going into the kitchen. It's not kind of changed from the home made to be business mode. Isn't tim back again. And that definitely changing an unwinding. Its hottest to when you have When you all wake him from home the whole time so it's slightly. Twenty separate space is just work and and try and keep areas the just behind him as well. you know. Wet possible between separate the two activities a bit. Almost say lucky that i've i've got a dog. Says she makes sure that. I get outside on a weather's like like now. I like it's raining now. Say it it's she's making sure he's taking time for yourself. I think sightsee nature. I'm a away on the way in. Burma is really healthy. Can helped me

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