A highlight from Side Effects of Wisdom (with Bevy Smith)

Small Doses


So funky. Wasn't to another edition of small. Del says remind everybody that the paperback version of these small doses potent truths for everyday use. Buck will be dropping on april twelfth to april you can pre-order it right now. It's also going to be available on april twelve you to get like in your hand and if you haven't already checkout illustrious league my new line which is now available at illustrious league dot com the save yourself collection all about making you feel good while you're doing what you gotta do turn this world into a better place so check that out I've been really excited about just how excited people are about. It and launching align is no easy feat and anyone who's done it I commend you. Because i am a work in progress. Speaking out of work in progress as we are all moving through life you know we find ourselves in the best case scenario bumping up against folks who can give us solid advice and insight and it coming in and that comes from a place of wisdom but i feel like a lot of times. We can't really tell someone's giving us wisdom or bullshit or sometimes we we find ourselves glossing over wisdom because we wanna do it ourselves or because we want to not feel like we're being led down a road and and it's important though that we understand the value that there is in moving from place of knowledge to wisdom because it really is a transition that you make in terms of maturity and experience and i think a lot of us miss know mer our knowledge for wisdom. There was a time. When i was in my twenties. And i was like twenty seven and i just really thought like i need to have my own show because i know things and i talk about things. I'm an old soul and smart. So why not. And i was unstructured. Talked about this on the show before. But bam gonna say it again. And i sat down with this reporter. This journalist Game we were having lunch. And i told her and she was like a. You're not going to get you on your at least thirty five. And why would you say that she was like because it's not until then that you're gonna have a it's backed by wisdom not just by information and i'm wide i have done and she was like no. You know some things and you may have experienced some things. But it's time that really does like manifest what you have experienced into what you understand and i did really really really really get it until i was thirty. Five at at this point now at thirty nine going on forty. This is the first time in my life that i truly truly feel like it really really is time for me to have my own show because the experience i've had are no longer just driven by information or emotion the synthesizing of all of those things is what then evolves into wisdom. And you being able to look at something from a far enough distance and sometimes it really just does take time to get enough distance away for you to be able to apply all of those things now. Someone who has helped me on my path to that purpose and to understanding myself in that way is bevy smith. She's an author she the host. She's a former fashioned many many things but for me she has always been a guiding voice and light in this industry to keep me not only from going stray but also to keep me from just turning on myself and i always tell people the best advice i can give you to have people in your corner. Who reminds you of who you are and what you're doing when you forget it. So we have bevy smith joining us so that she can remind us about what

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