O’Neil: NCAA president Mark Emmert doesn’t get it


The latest coming from the athletic from dana o'neil the outstanding writer and columnist air under the heading. Ncwa president mark. Ambert doesn't get it because clearly he's just not capable of doing so was the piece in the athletic is an viscera eating. Take down of the man who is supposedly in charge of college athletics. Dana joins us now. Dana o'neil dan. Thank you for the time. It's great to have you here. And what an amazing piece you've written and you just wonder. Sometimes when people will learn but often their arrogance and hubris gets in the way thanks for the time. And let's hear from you. What is going on with mark emmer pulse like you said i mean this if this were a first timer a one off. I think we'd all be like all right. Give the guy a break. He hasn't been in this situation before but he's been in countless situations of of complex and difficult crises in his in his tenure at the ncaa and his reaction time. If you will say as an athlete it's not very good He just you know i to me. There was a simple way to handle this. And that's to actors. It's one thing to have a crisis dropped in your lap. It's another about how you handle it. And he chose not to handle it. Yeah and and and the story broke the other day when when a young player from believe it was oregon. Put something out on social media. Everyone everyone reacted. And i want you to do this. In your piece go through the time line because emmer te got it at first and then it just got away from him. So what was his first reaction well on. And that's just i. I guess the first reaction was he no reaction i mean. He didn't do. They put out a statement at first saying that That space was never meant to be used as a weight room space where they're going to have one after the once. The sweet sixteen round started which made no sense men already have one And then he doubled back when we sat down with him a few reporters on friday saying well. He didn't have all the information that it was excusable. But he would get to the bottom of it and then the next day he talked to an economic group here in indiana and basically just said well. You know it wasn't meant to be the workout space anyway. But once the video got out a video out

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