U.S. health officials raise 'concern' about data from AstraZeneca's vaccine trial


Yesterday We heard good news about the U. S trial of the AstraZeneca vaccine. But today, US vaccine officials pushed back and question the data, which has yet to be released. It adds to this vaccines messy rollout in Europe, several countries halted vaccinations to investigate a very small handful of possible rare side effects. But public health researchers are cautioning against putting too much focus on all this confusion. No. Another time. This kind of thing has happened right where we have New information, even if it turns out to be a false alarm. That's Gillian Still Fisher, director of the global polling unit at Harvard School of Public Health, she says there's a broader lesson to be learned from what is happening with AstraZeneca. The main global and European monitoring agencies reviewed the global safety data found no proven lengths and concluded that the benefits far outweigh the risks. We should be glad that we have an alarm system. Right, so it's that we're actually doing due diligence. We're actually making sure that the public health side right that these vaccines don't just kind of go out and we don't know what what's happened Some we follow. It will make sure that there is effective in the community as they were in the trial. The AstraZeneca vaccine is one of the main shots being used in the global pandemic response. It is not yet approved in the United States. Dr. Paul off it with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, says he and others will be assessing all the data to ensure any vaccine is safe and effective. Dr off. It is on the Independent review Committee for covert 19 vaccines in the US, We want to make sure that these studies were done carefully and well before would ever approve the vaccine for use in Americans. Julian. Still, Fisher says This should build even more assurance in vaccines so long as people understand the process and know that their concerns are being addressed. We have an opportunity to build trust in the infrastructure. The Globe currently has an arsenal of several vaccines against covered 19. So far, nearly half a billion doses have been administered

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