School Shootings Drove Stephen King To Take 'Rage' Off The Shelves


In this episode. We'll cover the bachmann book rage chapters one through twenty. Let's start the show high school senior. Charlie decker facing expulsion for salting. His chemistry teacher sets the contents of his locker on fire gets a pistol and returns to his algebra class or he kills the teacher and then a history teacher who comes to investigate holding the rest of the class degeorge decker reveals information about his troubled childhood and some of the other students begin to share their own secrets and feelings. That's quite the setup. sean. Yes so jay. This story rage was originally written at least started being written by king in one thousand nine hundred sixty six when he was a senior in high school and then he finished it in one thousand nine hundred seventy one and at that point it was titled getting it on Decker says that phrase multiple times throughout the section of the book king wanted to publish it like under his name right away but his publisher doubleday did want over saturate the market so this was the first case where they said all right. Well let's do it under a pseudonym and he submitted it as getting it on by guy pillsbury which is kings grandfather's name so that was going to be the original pseudonym he was going to use and there's a twitter user who just started following a couple of weeks ago named guy pillsbury so i thought that was a nice deep cut that is really deep. Cut yeah when he submitted his guy pillsbury. A number of people at the publishing house knew about king having a book called getting it odd and so the secret was already out. They pulled it and said okay and then he resubmitted as as richard bachman and submitted his with the new title rage and richard. Bachman i was because he had a richard stark book sitting on his desk and bachman turner overdrive was playing on the radio and so he was looking around. And there. you go richard bachman. Sorta like the Deficient the light bulb coming together to form the homer simpson logo number one. Lucky joe exactly so. This is actually his fourth published book. It came after kerry salem slot in the shining and just before the stand this was nineteen seventy seven it was published and then it was obviously republished in the bachman books in one thousand nine hundred eighty five. And if you're like my father you'll notice that this is not a book that is easy to come by nowadays. He was unable to find it when he was looking forward on. Different places and that is because after number of school shootings that had some tenuous ties to rage. There's at least one where the kid had a copy of the book his locker but some of the other ones may have referenced it or not king let the book go out of print in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight so all the other bachman books are now published as standalone novels. But this one is not in the forward to the bachmann book. Blaze king writes about rage. This is now out of print and a good thing. And if you go to the stephen king dot com website look up rage. No future printings will be made of this novel. At stevens request due to the sensitive nature of the content

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