Kaley & Nate Klemp - How To Be A Good Partner



Two wonderful guests for you today. Not one but two nate and kaley clump. They're an amazing couple. That together co-authored the new book. The eighty eighty marriage a new model for a happier stronger marriage. Both of them are also incredible in their own. Right nate is actually one of the founders of a company that's partnered with mindful dot org. He's a phd from princeton university. And is the author of start here. Master the lifelong habit of wellbeing. So he's deeply steeped in mindfulness. Kelly is an amazing expert. On small group dynamics and leadership development her books include the fifteen commitments of conscious leadership. The drama free office. And let's say you could make a drama free office. You can probably make a drama free marriage and she created the thirteen guidelines for effective teams so between the two of them. They're here today to talk about the amazing power of bringing mindfulness into your relationship and how to have a happier one. Welcome nate and kelly. Which for having us here so happy to be here. It is my joy and pleasure. Let's start by talking first of all about what it's like to work together as a couple. You guys wrote a book together. You co create. tell me about it. It's a funny thing. Because i think initially. We had a semi conscious agreement to never worked together. We have created separate worlds as you described each pursuing our own areas and then it was really this project around marriage that clearly. We're doing as a joint project and our life and recognize that. Initially nate was going to write this book as a solo author which we thought was going to be really interesting but thought that it would actually be more powerful to do together so now working together living together parenting together being married there is a lot of together and i think that makes all the tools we talk about even more

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