Can We Talk More About Eyebrows?



We got a text that said. Can we talk more about eyebrows please. I've been growing mine out during core and now they are really needing some attention. I was plugger in before times and they are thin to begin with glossy boy brow is gut ten. Heard dorey was getting her brows done on the pod. But what does that mean. Where should i go to get them done. And what should be done. I am clueless. Help love you too. Thank you well. Let's what did you do when you got your browse done recently. So the place. I went to does not wax. They just tweeted his and eram. Oh i need their tweezers tweeting like they tweet like the little hairs. You can't even see supposedly. That looks stimulates hair growth because my eyebrows are thin from over plucking on measly we got. I forgot to mention this. I said something about how. I had over plucked my eyebrows in the in the late nineties and the woman doing my eyebrows was like oh on your like nine now more nine teen seriously like i realized she was like twenty seven or something so she was nine in the nineties. And i think it's one of those things where like you just assume everyone is your age unless much older or much younger especially with the mask on. It's like hard to tell sure. And i was just like yeah when i was nine. Nine plus ten Yeah so. I don't know where you are listener but i would ask any friends of yours in your city or town where they have gotten their eyebrows done you. Can you know look on the old yelp for some suggestions Usually you can get your eyebrows. Waxed threaded plucked. Am i missing anything. I don't think so. I've never gotten them threaded. So i had to that i have gotten them waxed and have clearly gotten unplugged. So it's kind of up to you.

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