What Happened to the Palmer Brothers?


Charles and lisa palmer had a daughter hannah and three sons chris chucky and michael in nineteen ninety nine the palmer family lived in wa silla alaska a town of approximately ten thousand residents located forty three miles or sixty nine point. Two kilometers northeast of anchorage on june third. Nine hundred ninety nine fifteen old. Michael palmer asked his parents if he could spend the night at his friend's home with a few of his buddies. Instead of sleeping in the friend's house the boys stayed in an outbuilding they referred to as the clubhouse in the wee hours of june fourth. The boys slipped away riding their bicycles to a series of high school. Graduation parties in the area. Michael's friends said michael drink several beers throughout the night but they insisted he acted fine and was not incapacitated by the alcohol. According to other party goers a fight broke out at the last party the boys attended some observers. Said someone hit michael in the head. During a scuffle other partygoers claimed they saw someone beat michael until his face and head were bloody michael's friends claimed michael seemed fine at four. Am when they began the nine mile or fourteen point five kilometer bike ride home from the last party. According to mike's powell's they started together on their bikes but after a while mike fell behind them. They pulled over and waited for mike at the seven. Eleven on the parks highway but when he never arrived the boy said they thought mike must have gone to his own home. The others eventually continued down. The road on their bikes. The boys later told authorities. They last saw michael at the intersection of pittman road and silver drive

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