Is Cam Newton Ready to be Patriots Quarterback?


The biggest question of all and of course, I'm talking about Cam Newton Cam Newton ready to be the quarterback for this team or false pause, as of today. It's false and I wrote a column this weekend for Boston Sports Journal, that basically laid out and I'm talking to different people both around the team and also around the league about where Cam is and there's three things that need to go on Nick and it needs to go on now and it needs to go on every day off of the day until the season kicks off and number one. It's cam has to lose weight. He can't he can't play a 250 anymore. He's not a young buck. We saw dead. You know, I thought this but it was confirmed by a couple of NFL people that I I talked to and I trust they said that cams legs got heavier as the season went on and off and run as much he wasn't as a as Elusive and the big thing is not only that but your legs are everything when you throw the ball, if you don't have your legs which you did earlier in the season, they threw the ball a little bit better. If you don't have your legs then you have nothing as far as power and things like that and also just accuracy if you don't have your legs then you have to compensate upper body and things just get all out of whack and that's what happened. When cam last year. So in cam I will give him credit on the I am athlete podcast. He did say, I think he was trying to lose ten pounds. I'd go less. I think he needs to get to 3235. I think that gives them a better chance to be sustainable. He doesn't he doesn't need to be 2:50 to run over linebackers anymore. There aren't that many linebackers that are 2:50 a.m. Should be in a business and his age are going to be 32 a plow on those guys over. So there's that there is he has to get into he he has a he has to get with her own coach. I hope he's working with one but he better be working on one that works on his mechanics all the time every day. Get back to where he was at the beginning of last season get it out of her system because he needs to learn how to just be able to flick the ball. Ten yards instead of making a whole body convulsion just to get the ball out in the last thing is the biggest thing Nick and we've talked about it. I thought is he needs he needs Express 24-hour premium tutoring on the Patriots Playbook and what goes on as far as all right. If the defense does this then I can change to this and what's my audible what's my check because I know everybody's all excited about Johnny Smith and Hunter Henry and you know, we you can also factor in The athletic fullbacks that they've wanted to have for two years. Dan Vitality is coming back supposedly and also they dropped adult and Keen to play that position because there's a choice that they want to be more like the 49ers with use checked. And so it's all nice and dandy that they have two tight ends and athletic fullback and people are absolutely right to say that benefit of that is you get match up issues where all right, if it's safety then we're just going to run over them if their linebackers then we're just going to run past them. We're going to throw the ball. That is great and all but it doesn't mean Jack if you don't have a quarterback who can't see the defense see what's going on check to the right play and take advantage of the defense and last year cam wasn't even close to that. So unless all those things happen and he's not there at this point. He is not ready to be the starting quarterback for the for the Patriots. Do I think he can get there and be better? Yeah, but we'll have to see.

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