A Crash Course on The Business of Fashion Sustainability Index


Last week b. o. f. was proud to release the bureau f. sustainability index the combination of more than one year of research and analysis led by sarah kent our resident expert on sustainability and big business for the past year. Sarah has been leading our efforts to structure our thinking around. How fashion can reduce its impact on the planet and improve working conditions for its millions of workers. This week on the podcast. Sarah breaks down the thinking behind the index and shares. The key findings are report. The sustainability gap. How fashion measures up. But if you have yet had a chance to download the more than fifty pages of analysis or if you want to understand how we put the index together. This is an episode. You won't want to miss i. I asked sarah why the industry needed an index like this in the first place. I wanted something like this. I write about sustainability for bela. And i get all of these emails from companies telling me about this new sustainable initiative. They were doing committing to some amazing new ambitious target. And i want to really understand one. How did this combat what other companies in the industry doing and two is it really making a difference and it was so hard to figure it out comparing one company to another was almost impossible because they're all doing slightly different things or you know moving towards a similar doggett but talking about in a slightly different way and then understanding whether that really moving the needle on these ambitions are setting was equally difficult to establish so i wanted a tool to help me understand this data and i think when we kicked off. I was quite naive about what it would take to get this done. But i'm really glad that we kind of set out on this. Johnny because this tool now exists which is great for me and hopefully really useful. Ask the industry But also you know in discovering how challenging it really was to do. I think we also really did some valuable research in work to create a benchmark that doesn't allow you to make these comparisons and does allow us to understand the industry going. And that's so

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