Texas Republicans target Houston with raft of bills seeking voting restrictions


Houston area. Democrats are blasting voting bills. That are now making their way through. The republican led state senate government reporter. Andrew stoddart says those legislative measures or being condemned by houston's mayor who says bills or discriminatory against people of color senate. Bill seven and house bill. Six would ban twenty four hour voting and drive thru voting as well as remove restrictions on partisan poll-watchers mayor sylvester turner said. Those changes and others amounted to what he called. Jim crow two point. Oh the texas rights project. And i want to thank the representatives for being here today. Stacey extended voting hours at harris county but mostly used by people of color fifty six percent of voters who cast ballots late night. Hours were black hispanic or asian. In addition black voters and other voters of color were more likely to be victims of poll-watcher intimidation harris county. Commissioner rodney ellis echoed. Turner calling the bills a modern day poll tax. He called on business leaders to pressure republican lawmakers to block the bills. Lieutenant governor dan. Patrick previously blasted such pressure from companies including american airlines and dell.

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