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After the success of the nra delegation's visits russia. Maria was hoping to organize another trip. There was a big economic conference coming up. I won't say it's like the freedom fast of course. Not but they're actually loads of decision makers and a lot of people who like frontiers in some companies. The innovators if you will and she wanted patrick to speak there and once they saw the day announced the date i just asked him. Patrick was on the fence about participating and says he ran up by sam not long after that. He texted her back. But it wasn't to accept the invitation quite the opposite and it wasn't like me to be this rough but i broke off pretty decisively by taxed in a way that didn't like leave any room for trying to work it out. He broke up with her. Maria has a different view of how things ended. This is one of the mysteries of the world. Because i do believe that i did. Stop our relationships. Because i felt bad of course it was eight so i don't know how works simultaneously. Maria says. She told paul that she'd been seeing patrick but he didn't go far a relationships or so i. I didn't make a secret from it. Mean and i want you know hide from all and say oh and i'm gonna go somewhere and really it would go to a different place now. But she was kind of surprised by his reaction and actually was very surprising for me in terms of paul would never. Who'd never been jealous. Like i would be but he seems to care still. Maria loved paul and she says that's why she decided to break things off with patrick. And i just wanna have my soul's it and it's unfair toward both people afterwards marie-anne patrick didn't speak for months by august. Maria had moved to the us fulltime to study global security at american university in washington dc. She was spending long nights hitting the books. Then that fall. Patrick reached out. Here sends me here very nice tax saying that. He is about to open his new building for his company offer. Stock dot com and he invited me to come in to flying. After the way things that ended. Maya wasn't sure she wanted to see him again. I was studying. And honestly i didn't have time for things like this. I was all the time in the library getting my diploma but she knew how much this moment meant to. Patrick the unveiling of overstocks new headquarters to the world. It was a stunning piece of architecture. A two hundred and thirty one thousand square foot structure at the center of a nineteen acre plot of land in salt lake city utah from the ground it resembled the coliseum in rome but from above. It looks like a giant peace sign. Naturally it was called the peace coliseum. It's very emotional for me. Because he created the company in here it comes the day when he opens the office of his dream home or his company. So i accepted the offer. Okay i'm going to fly for just in a couple of days. Maria says she agreed to go under one condition. 'cause petric not can have any intimate relationships like no if you're accept this thing and this is my condition and it's just the friendship i'm gonna come. He said yes. Patrick forward to seeing maria again. But he claims

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