A highlight from BOX317: Cedar Chest Of Fiery Death


The same two towns. I've noticed that too. Same too towns close to us. Yes live band and i get. East corinth ally corinth too which is amazing. Because one of the ads that i saw said learn about this billionaire tech firm in east corinth. And i'm thinking now he's corinth as they don't have a grocery store. They have a dunkin and they have a lumber planing mill. It's a lovely little town. It's actually more of a hamlet. I doubt very much that there is a billionaire. tech company. there gas station. yes absolutely. They got that going. I will say. That's one of the first gas stations that i ever encountered that i could put dollar bills. The gas machine. And i was like this is genius. I am here for it. Welcome to the century that we're in new millenium. Yup we're anna. Where in it putting these dollars in the gas machine debt. I love how you it's okay for you to call it a gas machine. Yeah but i say. Atm machine right and you you criticise me. Because it's redundant all vo. Somebody says a photo of a sign. It was a directions on how to get to the in. It said right on it. Atm machine so that sign is also redundant make it. There are lots of signs that are dumb arena. Anything nothing done about gas machine the machine where you get your gas listen. I don't want to argue gas machine. Vending semantics it's not important. What is important is what do you got for me what you want you. What what you. I wanna talk about ancient chinese weapons and chinese weapons. Yeah okay sorry it. I just made it kind of like a nineteen eighty s sitcom intro in my head or like one of those early saturday morning educational things would run between cartoon share like. I'm just a bill. I'm on grammar rock or schoolhouse. Rock were two. There was a grandma. Think so yeah. I didn't know that. Just double check to make sure before. I embarrassed myself yet again. I never seen grammar. get grammar. rock was part of schoolhouse rock. So there you go. Okay then i remember. It had an old grandmother cartoon grandmother in a rocking chair. Oh grandma grammar raw rock anyway. Chinese weapons from the old days. You know how. I like weapons. Yes you do. Well i was reading about us one of these things in particular. I was blown away at how early it was actually invented and i started kind of diving into it and some of these. I'm just gonna. I'm gonna start and then we'll we'll whoa. Whoa whoa together jones. And then and then you'll like when we wo- mutual wallowing so the flame thrower yeah. There was an ancient chinese weapon that was essentially a flame thrower this. I'm i'm getting to it. It was called the fierce fire oil cabinet and it was a double piston pump flame thrower i recorded to have been used in nine hundred thousand nine hundred ce in china god during the five dynasties and ten kingdoms period ancient chinese flame thrower so it was an incendiary pump mechanism that was derived from the earlier. Use of a similar device by the greeks. I guess competition in ancient war innovation was pretty fierce which makes a lot of sense. Because it's not just that you want to be good at using the weapons. You want to be the first known to be developing these weapons. Some things never change indeed. This is thought to be the first true flame thrower because it offered constant fire so there was a double action piston. Which i still don't know what that means. And it was controlled by a handle on the back of what to be a chest of fire. Juice and the pump on the back was pushed and pulled and that would force the flammable liquids through the front barrel. I think that's what they mean by the term double piston. The portion of the poll is that some mechanism. Yes i believe so. So it's kind of like a like a cedar chest of fiery death and the effect was incredible because it wasn't just like shooting fire and stopping fire. It was a constant stream of fiery murder at at your faces and that sounds terrifying. Does not sound fun at all. Yeah 'cause you're lear like literally up against a crossbow and then you've got a flame thorough or can you imagine what was going on in the opposing armies mind. First time they saw this. They're throwing fire our way. Right dragon quest. Maybe yeah could be. Also the first chinese land mine was produced. During the song dynasty song dynasty. Sounds like a musical competition on a major network. I was gonna say it. Sounds like a musical compilation from the nineteen seventies song dynasty. Song your favorite from k. tale. I heard my momma cry dynasty. I heard the next chicago. Original hits rod hits arrive and ninety nine for album eight nine eight track tape or cassette order. How do build me up. Banjo just threw up on my foot so for joining in buddy song stress anyway song dynasty. That was about eleven hundred thirty. It was made of iron basically gun powder in iraq. Of course the chinese they invented gunpowder. So we're way ahead of the curve. There was a very famous land-mine battle which occurred in the year. Fourteen hundred when the government army tried to crack down the rebel force of prince. Yon who later became an emperor. Roy planet is insignificant next to the power who force. Wow you're making dreams come true today. The iron container was basically filled with a gun powder and that was covered with small stones and some sand to fill the gaps. The container was on the surface of the ground but it was about the sixteenth century. Were able to bury the land mine. I imagine initially it. You wouldn't have to bear it because nobody knew what it was. That's a great point what they should have done to enhance. The whole thing is figure out a way to light a small fire on top of it so that the enemy soldiers would come and stamp it out and blow themselves up. It's the flaming bag

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