A highlight from Episode #529 - Can Elmo Touch Your Hair?


Finger point. But if he takes the period company policy. What's up everybody. It is the legion of skaggs. Podcast this is our second show. The week we bring to you out of the goodness of our hearts. I'm your host. Big joe kherson the scarcer. Here davey smith. what's up. glad to be here out of the goodness of our hearts and with more space for ads. And there's more space for being so good to you for ads. Now enjoy this little next little message from amigo as the goodness of our hearts. Of course we have defending ellis mania champion. The puerto rican rattlesnake lewis. Jayco mez. what's up mother. Fuckers is the three of us zoom. Baby boy. Double satan dude. You're getting so the little nasdaq's now. I love little zacks. Oh by the way we be talking about. Little nausea in the last show. Nike is suing the company. So the company that's making shoes is not just some fucking viral products so they want to aftermarket like super up for you. So logo is huge on it. I saw people like tweeting online. And they're like okay well. If nikes not endorsing this then why would they be letting them use their logo. And then like the next day. I saw nike suing them. You know they're not letting them use their logo at all yellow a little nasdaq's could show up to court and booty short and giving the judge a lap dance. Y'all ana yao on a police case dismissed starts put those those fucking dick huggers and goes and lap dances. The judge like satan stick it s and due to complicated matters. I have recused myself from this evening. I phoned up and that i will dismiss myself Yeah the nikes sewing and they're going to win Maybe i mean selling them. As nike's decision matter shit trademarked up. They own that you can't put that on a show and it's also their designs air. Max it's like it'll no matter. What do they. They're gonna get fucked. It doesn't really matter when someone makes a viral shula that they decorate one and sell a pair of them or something to go after all the people that do that. The problem is this these were sold for a thousand bucks or thousand bucks. Each six hundred sixty six pairs eighteen dollars right. It's like the. It's like the thing on the bottom of the shoe. It's like ten eighteen yet lou. They can also they can also probably sue them for like damaging their brand like not just the money they made off of it but the fact that they're like associating their brand with this devil shit probably like nike is nikes always human is in the god damn thing. I don't know but i'm selling the pair of louis. Shade gomez laziness gang shares. Where i come in each pair. There's a drop of companies. Now shoot a full load in there. Just lewis made a thirty eight. How big lows you shoot. Lewis made seven pairs today. He is exhausted. While here's the thing. I shooting each shoe like you know how like it'll be like in porn where it's two chicks and you give each girl a little bit. Let's what do the show the first the rights. You usually get a little bit more than the left shoe but is is the vacation going on louis. Technically your birthday thing debut drinking whiskey in the afternoon so nice fucking benjamin. Franklin works theresa fucking cone yet by candlelight. You never have a afternoon cocktail part of the problem. Where's my fountain. I'm sorry first off. I do have like a sweet s in my office here. Like a nice kanter with whiskey in it and to as glasses. Oh yeah. I'm old school. I'm sorry mr going to jamaica for the seventh time this year and have a drink. I must i must i must increase my bust. Yeah so birthday. Are you you in jamaica land in jamaica back S going back to villa. That i've been before. Yeah not. you're not turning forty. The sierra thirty nine this year tomorrow's here all right well. Happy birthday yesterday when this airs. Happy birthday to my birthday show. David turned thirty eight. Yep ended up month Wow wow we're living in the future boys fucking man up this morning before. Lewis's forty though. I'll be my mid forties before your forty. They damn dan a damn i. It's just funny. That dave lives is life like a fucking poetry. The turn of the century. Dave right man. I don't really understand. What am i gonna pinpoint the year. That dave went one eighty completely. He was a widower when the show started. It was straight up like a hang out on a fucking stoops smoke. A blunt drinker forty wigger when the show started now. He's giving give me to suburban afternoon. While i sit here and stare at my giant jack on the wall if you think about it though it's the it's the logical next step from wigger up some who are definitely the furthest and that's not it's not a bad thing it's not it's not even In this just the reality of the conversation you are definitely the furthest from who you were when the show started when you look at all three of us. J. exactly the same. Jay can afford more hair dye but yeah no j. hasn't changed a wink. Jay has not changed a fuck in winky. Do that's a lot. You're right jays. Actually jay's a better person jays better purse do just changed a lot jay. jay is a better person. He's a thinner he career. He's more successful short hair the

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