Bryson DeChambeau on upcoming Masters Tournament


Back in november when we were here for an unprecedented masters tournament. One of the most noticeable differences was the lack of patrons it made for a very different tournament for the competitors. Here's bryce into shambo on what it was like playing with no patrons and his perspective on what to look forward to this week last year. It's masters dara's patron and it was pretty empty and quiet. How did you feel the fans are finally back to cheer for you here. Yeah i've already seen it in the practice round Yesterday i played nine with the all ian. Kevin kevin ollie Runner up in the us amador. And obviously kevin's a good friend and we had a fun time just messing around with the crowd. There was a moment on nine. Probably about a minute minute and a half. We were just joking around with the crowd. It's fun to be able to interact with the crowd and and get them going again. I think hearing those sounds you know whenever something somebody makes an eagle or amazing birdie or those sounds down by aiming corner and then you know buy fifteen sixteen are going to be pretty special here in that again. We haven't heard that in

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