A highlight from LOTR Sean Astin Talks Identity, Destigmatizing Anxiety, and Social Stigmas


You're listening to inside of you with michael rosenbaum. That was more energetic than i normally dorion was. You prefer the energetic version. I don't mind it it's nice. You're listening to inside of you now. I don't wanna be announcer guy. You know i. I never had a good voice for years. I mean some people say oh we like your voice. I'm like all right. Well thanks. I guess because i was so used to my voice being annoying and kind of like high pitched but maybe i started puberty. No the answer forties. Maybe you have a week okay week. How's your week is pretty good man. I'm alive. I'm i'm doing my gratitude. More trying to be thankful for more stuff had a great conversation on instagram. Live last week with a kid. zach a friend of mine. His dad's a friend of mine They became friends of mine amendment akon and he has a bionic arm. He was born without a limb while and he Writes a comic book called the kid and he He's only twelve years old. And what a sensational young man is in in great great family and so positive and and just works really hard and There's this company called limitless l. i. m. b. t. l. I am be les s limitless. And you can donate and Help his 'cause they make They make it easy for people who need by arms that you know. They don't want people to pay. So they always you use your donation so it's a great place. is limitless dot three d. Or just go on instagram to limitless with a b. limb meatless and. I did this conversation on instagram. Live just with him for like thirty minutes and just talked about him growing up and it's hard for him and how grateful he is to have a black arm. And you know you just a pleasant kit. It was really nice to do they. Do you know instruments to promote my podcast promote the the band. Do something funny and this felt like something good and z. and I love talking to him. So zach all my love to you. Great conversations could find my instagram at the michael rosenbaum And thank you everyone for listening Where can they Subscribe ryan they could strive on apple podcasts spotify and youtube dot com slash inside of you with michael rosenbaum and then of course the handles of the at inside of pot on twitter at side of you podcast on instagram and facebook. Yes so please subscribe. Follow us all that. Send one

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