A highlight from Off Script: Disorientation + Disruption


But he said to them. Do not be alarmed. You're looking for jesus of nazareth who has been crucified. He has been raised. He is not here. Look there's the place they laid him. Mark chapter sixteen verses six. Hey everybody i'm i out. I'm raking gillan. And this is the easter edition of off script podcast. Every week we take a deeper dive on last sunday sermon. Talk about the algae behind it and get a chance to discuss anything that ended up on the cutting room floor super bowl sunday in the church biggest sunday in the life of the church most awesome sunday in life of the church longest sunday as long. Do you take a nap on. Do you get to take a nap on easter. I fun fact. I cannot nap i. It's not something that is sad life. Chris i have a wonderful life by but But that's one thing i cannot do. Also fun backed a marriage thing. Premarital i am so whitney loved to nap my wife. She is the crankiest human being on earth when she wakes up from an app and so early in our relationship she Tell her that this is going to be on. The pods are in trouble. This is advanced relationship skills so early on in our relationship she would say hey. Can you wake me up in thirty minutes. I'm sure no problem. It was bad it was bad so first of all. It takes like ten innovations to wake up from a nap. Many are the same. She's like my wife is the most pleasant most chill wonderful wonderful human being. And unless you're trying to wake arabic for a nap anyway so no. I don't nap but i do just kind of way around do nothing on easter sunday afternoon. Every time you guys do like a big dinner anything what do you. How do you handle that. Well yes so it depends you know this is only our second year in plano in last year was really weird. Mhm so Because we were home the whole day and we just cooked did a big thing so we were home. so before though and for ten years for I in henrietta in sherman. There were always congregation members that were close with Who would invite us to. I guess this is an all call for listeners. Would invite us to easter sunday afternoon extravaganza and we actually got two of those invites for this week. But it's a the easter but we didn't do. They're putting easter eggs. I'm looking out the window. And they're putting easter eggs out by the fountain is after the preschool or them. How about you. So i guess definitely nap so for a few years scott. My husband's grandmother who lives over at Presbyterian village north would always wants to do like easter brunt. At like she's like okay. You can either do the eleven or one. I like well neither those times work so but we would ride. Get our kids got one. You know our kid like we only had andy time like she'd want an app. It was always so horrible hated. I'm exhausted she's exhausted but this year. scott family. His parents are gonna cook. And then bring it over. And i'm totally get an app. I love. I love easter easter morning in the churches awesome and then in the afternoon those ten years. We were in more rural settings. Where like there's this culture in rural settings where you just look for the pastorino you feed the pastor's family and it's it's really. It's kind of a culturally speaking. It's a really unique relationship between the pastor of the church. And i used to. I mean easter afternoons. Were just wonderful because there would be these wonderful spreads and everybody loves having the pastor's family there and the kids were little. Easter egg. Hunts and i just have nothing but fond memories about easter last year was so weird i mean it was just. It was weird for everyone to home on easter. But i don't think people fully understand how weird it is for a pastor to be home on easter and so it was unique. I guess the we ought to be. It's like sleep in eastern cam. Remember But i like it. The normal way yeah. We're we're up here at six getting ready for the sunrise service. There's back to back to back to back to back to back stuff going on. And then you're just you know toast at twelve thirty and you go. Do some of the it's great. What have growing up did you guys do. Any special easter tough going on grownup easter egg hunt at my grandmother's house. I'm trying to think we. I think we would go to church on easter at least some We weren't very devoted church people. I was raised catholic right and if ever there was a holy day of our gatien. Easter's right and so My my most recurring memories. And i don't know how many years we actually did this. But we often in

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