A highlight from The Biden-Harris administrations remarkable first 100 days


Now it's time for the last word with lawrence o. Donald good even arts pretty. Rachel run cleaners. Our first guest tonight on the on his hundred. Stay in the white house in the hardest job in washington. We'll we'll see how much she aged in these hundred days. Also joining us. Rachel and this is a trivia question that i don't expect anyone to know the answer to at the moment The very first person who gave ron clain a job in politics very first person to hire ron clan in politics going to be joining us later in the hour you go wrong clean and the person who i hired him in politics for the same for the same show correct. Yes this life thing both. Yeah and both of them have not. They don't show a sign of age since that nineteen eighty-four losing campaign that that ron claiborne was involved in. they've they've both survived that loss and got onto. I good careers. I to say the least man. Thank you lawrence. Joe biden is now one hundred days into the hardest job of his life and white house. Chief of staff ron clean is now one hundred days into the hardest job of his life and it is hard to see how it could possibly be going better for either one of them under the circumstances of having only fifty fifty senate and a kind of small lead in the house. The biden harris white house at day one hundred takes its place among the best run presidential administrations in history. At the one hundred day mark. Things could go wrong from here but so far there are no leaks from the biden white house. Not about anything. And there are no scandals from the white house about anything. The credit for the stability and professionalism of the white house staff goes to joe biden androgen incline and the people that they have hired to work in the white house. it's hard to imagine. The biden harris administration being more successful at governing in their first hundred days the biden harris administration pushed the biggest first piece of legislation by any president in history through the congress and one and they did that in the most politically polarized congress of our lifetimes and they did that while fighting a once in a century pandemic that presented the biggest peacetime logistical challenge in american history. How to deliver a lifesaving vaccine to three hundred and thirty million people are progress. These past hundred days against one of the worst pandemics in history has been one of the greatest logistical achievements logistical achievements. This country's ever seen eighty five percent that speech last night by present biden gut the approval of eighty five percent of the people watching that speech. Joe biden used his first address to congress as president to give the country a dose of hope mass vaccination center in glendale arizona. I asked the nurse. I said what's it like. She looked at me and she said is like every shot is giving. A dose of hope is a phrase dose of hope. The president said the country is simultaneously facing crisis and opportunity and joe biden sees each crisis. We face from covid nineteen to climate as an opportunity to create jobs. The american jobs will add billions of jobs. You should good paying jobs the most important word when it comes to meeting the climate crisis jobs job

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