A highlight from BK Recaps Round 1 of The Draft with Ryan Edwards


The broncos daily. Putt jazzed with brandon krisztal. I want everything. I want all the meatballs and pasta. Happy football friday broncos country and in the middle of the nfl draft certainly a football friday round one in the books patch are tan. Junior is a denver bronco. He's who i had. Mach there so if you listen to this podcast yesterday. If you heard me on logan and louis. I got the feeling talking to people. I trust in the building that pat ser tan was going to be a bronco. Now i also had the caveat that that was based on justin feels being gone and even was told by somebody. I trust who told me how much they like sir tan despite how much george peyton apparently was downplaying. If you read. Mike mike silver's article today on. Nfl dot com. They didn't zoom with them. They didn't want to tip their hand. How much a really really liked him. That If feels was there that that they'd likely go field. So i think that when you look at the ser tan pick in a vacuum you say well you can never have enough good corners ryan and i are gonna get to this ryan edwards and i Gonna break it all down and when you talk about bryce callahan. Yes vic fangio loves him when he's on the field plays really well to play ten games in two seasons. He hasn't finished any of the last three seasons. So you've given them fourteen million bucks for ten games. If you can get on the field. He might be good And then as you'll hear ryan breakdown. Maybe you're going to play more four corner defense anyway. More more dime package looks because of the passing offenses that you face weekend week out but ser. Tan is the best defensive prospect in the draft. Not just because the broncos safe because he is He's got the pedigree not just from alabama but adad who played eleven years in the league. And you'll hear george peyton talk about how much he liked his dad and he thinks it pat juniors and be better than his dad. Three time pro bowler Certainly broncos fans remember wearing number twenty three for the chiefs after a long career in miami as well but eleven years. I all pro second team all pro and like i mentioned the three pro bowls. Passer tanner will be introduced at a press conference this afternoon and then round two gets underway as far as just in fields. And you'll hear and i talk about this as well. i. I like him a lot and now chicago bear. He might be challenging. Said lachmann for the best quarterback that they've ever had you know they took mitchell trubisky in the first round. That didn't work out. He's a backup in buffalo. jim mcmahon and a bunch of other quarterbacks in between on said lachmann still there only hall of famer and for a proud franchise to never really have the type of quarterback that that they might deserve. You think a team like that would deserve a one of the earliest teams original teams in the nfl. If if memory serves me right That it's been so long since they've had somebody that you know the city could really brought up. This has a chance to be the savior of that franchise if you will. And it takes russell wilson off the board to be a bear very likely even though he wanted to go to chicago. So justin fields is a bear he and pat satanic betide each other at least in the short term but the big news of draft night. Wasn't tim tebow. Maybe moving too tight end is a thirty-three-year-old it was aaron rodgers. And could he be a denver bronco and apparently he's been aggravated for weeks. Maybe going all the way back to right after the title game and was keeping kind quiet. And i think It was put out there on purpose that he wanted to go to three teams. The niners right there in his backyard where he grew up in in gals shanahan's offense similar to what matt lafleur runs and didn't look. It doesn't look like that deal ever get done. They just don't want to send him in. The division the raiders. And maybe it's because gruden. And because of everything that the raiders have in terms of waller and and that proud franchise Is good as derek. Carr has been at times. He's i think limited in some respects And then the broncos and it goes back to talk about the way this broncos roster is built and you talk about courtland sutton and as of now jerry. Jeudy noah fant caja hammerton. Patrick alberto a reworked and improved offensive. Line melvin gordon. Who's guy that i know. Aaron familiar with from pro bowls and seeing them in college. Wisconsin just down the road And then whatever else they add in the backfield and then defense right vic fangio's defense which we know. Aaron is familiar with going against all those years in chicago. And the the broncos made it tough on the packers for a little bit until too many turnovers. Courtesy of joe flacco last year at lambeau but he knows what this vic fangio defense is about and you still got von miller and asked as of now bradley chubb and whatever the second is going to be called but justin simmons and all these corners when you throw her ten in there and that wasn't part of the thinking.

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