Huawei SF5 Electric SUV Debuts at Shanghai


Wa wa famous name in terms of mobile devices. Chinese tech giant wa wa technologies has the s f five electric. Suv developed that done in partnership with automotive brands. sarah's which will be sold and marketed by wa wa through its flagship. Stores across china says the driven the s s f five apologies boasts to electric motors. All wheel drive five hundred and forty-three holes palette. It's very impressive nor to sixty two miles them out. North one hundred kilometers now in four point six eight seconds again really impressive. All electric range of one hundred eighty kilometers. That doesn't make any sense because they say it will do that in pure electric mode and by now you might have out. I had to take a while to get to because there's pressure least doesn't explicitly say it. This is a range extender. They said that the range extended family topped up in the tangle to a thousand kilometers. It's a one point five liter four cylinder engine. Which is the rex. But we're worried about the battery bits. And so

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