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Good morning and welcome to the trying to kryptonite podcast. Why politics are not getting a show out. The last few days. I've ve very severe banta. Chronic tape yes. I am i suffer of Takes although but pretty much under control they used is it does. Ugly hit up every now and again and the lost waco safe. Wow it has been brutal. It's still there. But i feel as though i'm the starting to come through it so again. Apologies for Not getting you guys any content out on the cost you know. I hope you will of you've not. You've not had the sign. Experiences may of light anyway moving right along the markets a gay so well bitcoin look. It's it's what stage william bitcoin. What what is it doing lost. Let's talk about last week. First and foremost last week was up. Fifteen percent excellent now. We are into the beginning of wednesday. If you're in the us or in europe and the world will still selene tuesday evening afternoon so yeah. It's come up a little bit this week. So far we are down thus far full point three nine percent which means we've dipped a little bit but the overwhelming trend is still the they've on look at the weekly. It's a it's a good consolidation. Forget on my this analogy a little wall back bouncing three hundred squats with a thirty kilogram dumbbell Kettlebells sorry now with regards to that. We need to take risks to get through. Now let's just say you've done three hundred and you've got another three hundred guy you're gonna take a rest in the middle to recover mob a few days. Maybe a little bit longer. Who knows but you're going to take a rest and this consolidation that we are seeing on. Bitcoin isn't bad in my is what it's doing is allowing amok To get ready full. Its next move up our anyway but points towards being you know having a good year continuing with all the good things that are going on the spice It is looking good now. Let's just talk about this years performance. Sifi let let's go back to november. November was up forty three percent for the month. December was up forty six percent for the month of january at fourteen february up thirty six and then into a march we will up thirty percents. Obviously that's join almost move in a very short space of time now. Lost month thing. I pro was down one point nine two percent. That's faa for the month of may. We are down six percent now. at the monthly cradles on you know we could pull all the way back to something like that. Seven thousand we could even get back date twenty two twenty seven now although it seems quite unlikely and i do think that does seem quite unlikely to get down to the twenty to twenty five region. That's why the cradles aren't is now. If i come back to look into the daily we do have a daily uptrend. Now the candles mainframe to the loss of twenty three hours or twenty two hours Is down five point. Six percent trend is still there. It's still. I like to see good cyclicality. The way the trainers phone. Dial as being a little pullback we are we shot up. We pulled back a little bit. We shut up a guy and we didn't see much fuller through so it does look as though we might get into some form of a consolidation period continues on our weekly that's a timeframe watching that consolidation occur. Now as i said i say that as a positive thing allows accumulation to occur it allows the the the market Brave to recover a little bit and we off saying at the moment the move when it comes to the ullmark. It's at the mind if i go to. Bitcoin dominance right. Now i can tell you. It's at forty six point. Eight two percent. that's the lowest. It's in something like thirty three or thirty four months. It's been in a steady decline. Since bright that support around sixty percent a spike of that many times on my scans that i do each morning online trading floor so the trend does continue to remind the bitcoin is losing. Its dominance on the market. And that's fine gang it's letting the market's tight their runs and that's the way funding opportunities so as much as yes. We are down on the daily a. Don't say this as being a bad thing for a mock of the were fifty. Four thousand dollars right now. Down five point six percent on bitcoin. And i'm waiting to see what comes next. Of course there is nothing there that i'm looking for a short so at this moment in time because the Set will knock off the big stories bena theory. of course it has been on an absolute burst Just yesterday's kanter was up. Sixteen point two nine per cent pushing through three thousand dollars onto all-time highs earlier today picking it thirty five hundred and seventy two dollars now theory on the four hours sunday. Get some really big candles up. Then this could be time for. Pullback could come back into the daily -tunities to enter long drives. You bet yo. I will be alive of those. Were at thirty two ninety right now. Down four point. One is percent if i look at the weekly again here Lost the clothes lost. Week was twenty seven percent this week so far up eleven point five percent and of taking out to the monthly. The monthlies have just been staggering from november first fifty nine percent followed by twenty percent followed by seventy eight percent Percent in february thirty five percent in march a forty four percent in april sifi is ten percent here in my it is parabolic could go further absolutely it could go for but it is definitely extended from its moving average is now. It's a very strong charter. Very strong plight them on day. Five being a big supporter of big pot of that.

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