Biden Visits Philly to Celebrate Amtrak, Promote Infrastructure


President Biden wasting no time after this week's address before a joint session of Congress traveling to Philadelphia today to try and sell his spending proposals to the American people from jobs, the infrastructure, education and child care, the president's proposals will cost trillions. I spoke with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace about how the president will convince the public and Republican skeptics that it's all worth the hefty price tag. President the White House they've made a calculation. That because of all the money, and there were trillion dollar packages passed under President Trump in with the Republican Senate that that isn't a red line as much as it used to be in the past. And that there are would be greater acceptance for it. And, you know, look, you're talking about things that directly affect you're not bailing out Wall Street here. You're talking about money for community colleges money for four childcare. Having said that there's a lot of resistance from Republicans, especially to the tax increases and even some from more moderate. Democrats just that the enormous price tag So do I think they're going to pass something? Yes. Do I think they're going to pass the full $4? Trillion? No, probably not on those lines Criss. You had some high praise for the president's speech this week before a joint session of Congress, he said. It's going to be a popular speech with the American people. What did you think that and which people do you believe I could be happy with it? People who are getting something You know, I wasn't really saying that it would. The speech was good or bad. I just think as a political assessment, it's going to be popular, because basically what he's saying is, I'm going to give you a lot of stuff. $4 trillion with worth of stuff, whether, as I say it's child care or new bridges or You know, better airports or expanding broadband. And guess what? You're not gonna have to pay for it because big corporations and people making over $400,000 a year are are gonna have to

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