A highlight from Namaste: Honoring the Light in All Beings

Tara Brach


I've been putting my palms together and bowing now for about. I think about forty five years ever since i first started teaching yoga and nama stay hot derived from sanskrit. It's an expression of reverence and it's often translated that the the light in me bows to light in you and i love this. I often think about how in the west we have a handshake. And some say it came from a showing that we weren't carrying a weapon and then in the east. I see the divine in you. I see the sacred you. that's a tad of a of a different flavor. As you know. There's a growing number of meditation cartoons and one. I saw just a day or two ago. Woman's meditating and just got really angry expression and her thought bubble is saying the light in me acknowledges the darkness in you many many ways our psyche can tweak things i know now. Of course the ritual of the nama stay greeting which is done all over the east it can be done in a very Perfunctory mechanical way. And many in asia described it as really being a casual. Hello or goodbye but consider for a moment. The power of this ritual of encounter. We really do with presence and heart know here. We are and say there's two of us and we're really you know feeling ourselves right here and facing each other and very sincerely putting our hands together. This gesture of honoring bowing her head. You know sensing the purity the light the goodness this living through each other sensing that were being received in that way. Wow i mean it's just imagine and in if we think of it that if more and more of us took to heart this ritual the essence of this ritual. We actually practiced in encounters pausing and really honoring the spirit chiming through each other. How that would wake up our own hearts and each other. It's really i think of in terms of the consciousness of the planet. Especially now. Because i think thomas day is spreading in a certain way You know millions are taking yoga classes or meditation gatherings it's happening imagine if it really started spreading more collectively this seeing past the mask or the affiliations remembering are are shared being and it may sound idealistic given how divided our world is but if we start where it flows most easily we can find our way to a more inclusive heart on. This has been very much at the center of my teachings for a long time. My own work I have a book coming out june. I called trusting gold which is very much about this. It's really stories from my own life. Learnings i've had and by the way it's beautifully illustrated and I'm not trying to sound do commercial. But i hope you'll get help you pre-order it s- help get around so trusting the gold and this this talk right now and reflections will do really are about the potential of novice day it's the essence essence of nama. Stay really learning to see the truth of who we are learning to feel a sense of of reverence for the spirit that lives through all of life. I often think about the

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