Who Has the World's Busiest Airport?


After more than two decades. Oh by the way this is sent him by lieutenant. Lieutenant colonel jeff. The other captain jeff. Good looking one There's a new world could look. Well you gotta try to build them up as much as we can. Here's a new worlds busiest airport. And then he he writes and says sorry jeff here no longer number one more weren't weren't more science. Well you know jeff your number one in my book. I'm sorry that i'm not your number one anymore. Oh he's talking about the airport. I and really honestly. I don't care but let's continue with this nice news article after more than two decades. There's a new worlds busiest airport and it is one. In china the gaungzhou guangzhou. I would say grind zhao guangzhou. Okay i i'm not i haven't been told but that's why i think we're all deferring to liz. How two different Pronunciation than mine and yours was different from both of ours and we're going to have to lean it's lean apparently when no that was another show. You're getting taste. Yeah well you know we never you know. Fifty percent of the time. We get the pronunciation right in. I think that we're going to have to defer to nick on this one. Guang guang shall guangchao. Is that what you said. Nick a guangzhou going there. We go was the world's busiest airport back in twenty twenty two the year of covid according to preliminary figures from airports council international Let's see seven of the world's top. Ten busiest airports in two thousand twenty were in china while seven of the ten while. The former world's busiest airport hartsfield jackson atlanta international airport in the united states fell the number two in the rankings. After twenty two consecutive years at the top spot

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