Bold Predictions for the Bruins' 2021 Lineup

Poke the Bear


I mean, I think the defense is cut-and-dry as to who the top Thai it's going to be it's going down. CSX home who we've talked about before thing that was on Bruins beat but everything you want and a top-four defenseman, right? I mean, he's a veteran guy thirty years old he signed for for a great value. I think it's three point six million per year signed through next year big body 6-4 eats a lot of minutes and also as like a good five-on-five score, I think like his scoring gone off this year. I think he's got like four or five goals in like a short amount of time. So my fantasy team he he does, you know, yes, but he's German a lot of office right now, but even without kind of this, you know spurt in terms of five and five goals, he's also I think getting a lot of just good at driving the plates good at moving the puck for a big body all that stuff. So I think he's thrown away the the topic there again, we're back to see what Brandon Carlo status is cuz right now I don't think anyone really knows what it's going to be which you might have to address that on the right side, but I think if you're looking for and we've talked about this, but as good as this defense is dead. Is a whole lot of risk in terms of rolling out lausanne and zaboor and back and iron and just you know, throwing them to the Wolves when you play Washington or if they get past it Tampa or one of these teams, right? That's a lot of these kids in a year where you should be going all-in. So I think you definitely need a defenseman but it all kind of goes back to you know, what the price would be farik ho mere fact that there's not a lot of other top-tier bloodshot D out there that at least fit all you know, check all the boxes off like at home does so it's going to be a lot forum. And also you're going to have a bunch of other teams that going to be going after them. I see Philly like targeting them him especially with the way the decor is said they need to shore up their their place their spots even more cuz like they're one young but also they're letting in a lot of goals the Bruins. I'm sorry, you feel like Philly be even more desperate for a guy like that. But I think easily feeling a defense. He's the guy that the Bruins and a bunch of other contenders want.

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