A highlight from How-To Find a Sunscreen You Can Really Trust With Dr. Michelle Wong, AKA Lab Muffin Beauty Science


Carleen. Hello jill so welcome back to our show. Everybody as you know by now. Probably we are to beauty. Editors turned podcasters. And if you're a regular listener you know that we liked to get really. I would say a bit nerdy on this show and we go like bottom of the ocean deep on a topic on occasion and one of those topics that i personally feel like. I'm just never done. Learning about is sunscreen. Agree and we know of course that a daily broad spectrum. Spf thirty is what dermatologist. Always says the number one way to prevent premature skin aging. I know i worship about that church. But what happens when you find out that the sunscreen that you trust that you spent so much time seeking out before making it to your top shelf doesn't actually live up to the protection that it claims on the label. No idea. that's why we've invited. Dr michelle wong. Better known on the internet as lab muffin beauty science to break down a lot of the recent headlines. We've been seeing on this topic today. And michelle is a content creator and a science educator. She has a phd in chemistry and is based in sydney australia. So she started loud muffin about ten years ago. Now and i think her whole impetus for starting. It was that she was frustrated. That there are all these blogs out there but they didn't really give great easy to understand explanations of science behind beauty products. So she really filled that niche. I think yeah and in addition to her youtube blog and instagram content. Michelle recently partnered with the australian media outlet adore beauty on a twelve part. Podcast series called skin-care school. So be sure to check out her. Show wherever you listen to podcasts. As well and speaking of headlines carleen. I just wanted to clear one thing up before we get into today's episode a few weeks back now. I was really excited. Because i read that the tsa which is the body that governs travel in the united states. They issued a statement on their website. So very official that. They were going to start allowing people to carry on. Full-size sunscreen so sunscreen murmur greater than three point. Four ounces or one hundred milliliters. So obviously i saw this all over social media sought on all the big websites and i was like. Oh this is gonna be amusing for people to go on holiday and you have to check your bag and that it was widely reported as well. And then i saw actually. They've walked back and the says they've issued another statement on their website that said our website incorrectly reported that sunscreen containers larger than three point. Four ounces are allowed in carry on bags. So yes so actually. You're back sort of at square one. Which means you gotta make sure. Everything's fits in that three point. Four ounce bag if you want to carry it on. I just wanna tell people so they don't end up getting. They're very expensive sunscreen that they thought they could carry on. Yeah take throw now. Yeah and people are traveling again. I'm seattle so many bikini pictures on instagram. Oh absolutely live their best life but none anyway. I guessed and in today's episode. We're going to break down pureed. Oh gate and crave gate as it were and we are also going to get some helpful tips on finding not only a lovely texture sunscreen. That is in greasier chalky and doesn't mess with your makeup but one that you can trust to actually knock it burned That's right. She's going to name some specific brands that she trusts to. Plus michelle's gonna let us know a few of the ways that we could be sabotaging the strength of our. spf ourselves. Gwyneth were looking at you with some helpful tips. On how to actually boost efficacy and the best way to reapply and as always everything that we mentioned today whether it studies or products we will link to that over on our blog at breaking beauty. Podcast dot com. So here we go. Welcome michelle wong. Aka lab muffin low. Hello busting in on our chat today

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