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Welcome to myrtle minute on today's episode the church of sacrifice. But i your true crime headlines the body of eighteen year old. Linda stoltzfus the young amish woman who disappeared ten months ago was found this week and authorities say she was strangled and stabbed in the neck. The lancaster county coroner used dental records to positively identified. The body her cause of death was is fixing from strangulation. Along with suffocation the coroner said the stab wound was a contributing factor in her death. Stoled sousse was last seen on june twenty first twenty twenty walking home from church in the bird in hand area. Her remains were found in grave along railroad tracks behind a business where the man charged in her death had worked thirty five year. Old us does. Smoker was charged with homicide in december and is awaiting trial smoker was initially arrested in august and also faces charges of kidnapping and false imprisonment. Authorities have declined to say what exactly led them to the grave or whether smoker had provided its location as part of a deal with prosecutors has pleaded not guilty mervyn fisher an uncle to than distort spruce told penn live that the family had held out. Hope that she would be found alive but had been preparing themselves for the worst fisher said quote. The not knowing is a long dark tunnel without an aunt. And when you find the remains you have the end in sight it brings closure and when there's closure the healing process can continue king. County has agreed to pay half a million dollars to settle a civil rights lawsuit filed by a man who spent two years in jail awaiting trial on homicide charges only to be acquitted by a jury in a federal lawsuit filed in twenty nineteen rodney wheeler insisted that he was targeted and prosecuted for a homicide that he quote did not commit and had no involvement with whatsoever the lawsuit alleged king county sheriff's detectives quote made false statements and omitted important facts. That would have undermined their allegations. That wheeler shot a man outside a motel six in seatac following an argument in august twenty sixteen wheeler was arrested and charged with second degree murder second degree assault and for being a felon in possession of a handgun. We'll there was booked into jail on one million dollars bail where he remained until a king county jury found him not guilty in january of twenty nineteen. The settlement came last week three weeks after the judge found there was evidence to support wheeler's claims of malicious prosecution according to the seattle times judge. Mary alice found evidence that detectives cherry picked evidence and included quote false and misleading statements in court documents filed misleading or in complete sworn statements to obtain a search warrant and later criminal charges against wheeler a violation of his due process and quote judicial deception. Sergeant tim mayor said that the magistrate's decision quote does not represent a finding that either party has proven any of the disputed facts. This does not mean that. Mr wheeler was unfairly subjected to criminal trial. Tiffany cartwright wheelers lawyer said her client had no comment on the settlement. A fourteen year old boy charged in the strangulation death of a six year. Old northern indiana girl told police that a quote shadowy male lead him to kill her. The boy whose name is being withheld due to his age is accused of murder and child molestation juvenile court in the death of grace ross. Grace was reported missing by her family. The evening of march twelfth her body was later found in a nearby wooded area. An autopsy found the cause of her death to be homicide by this fixation that same day. The fourteen year old boy was taken into custody. Initially the teenager told the gators that grace followed him into the woods and then he wandered around and lost track of her police said the boy then later referred to a quote shadowy man who controlled him and made him strangled the girl with his hands attorneys for the boy filed a motion to close public access to the documents. Arguing that the high profile nature of grace's killing could introduce prejudice to their clients case saint joseph county probate court magistrate. Graeme palumbo wrote in wednesday night's ruling that indiana law is clear that juvenile court proceedings can be made public. If the offense would be murder or felony. If committed by an adult he also ruled that there was nothing in the law that precluded the office. From releasing the investigative report the prosecutor's office said in a statement friday quote we conclude that the public's interest in information regarding the basis for this ongoing matter supports our release of this particular document in the case palumbo swirling specifies that hearings in which psychiatrists or other mental health care professionals. Expect to testify will be closed. He postponed a may thirteenth hearing to determine whether the boys case will be moved to adult court. After the parties sought more time to analyze the results of the mental health evaluations in alabama. Three bodies were found inside a car that was partially submerged in lake. Eufaula along the alabama georgia state line on monday. A passer-by spotted a car in the water at a park. And you follow police. Chief steve watkins told news outlets that after they began working to remove the vehicle from the water officials who checked the vehicle determined that three bodies were inside. The work stopped and local authorities contacted state. Investigators photos showed a blue sedan in the water near the shore. Watkins said the park includes ballfields up each and a ramp that is often used to launch fishing boats. Police didn't immediately know the identities of the people. It was unclear how long the vehicle had been in the water or how the people died. But a thorn said that a homicide investigation is underway. Those your true crime headlines up next the church of sacrifice but first a quick break if you love of mystery. And i know you. Do we have a game for you. It's cold june's journey in this hidden. Object murder mystery game. You test your detective skills. 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