How To Build A 7-Figure Sales Team Without Spending One Dime w/Che Brown - burst 22


Without their job. They say that with me today my january first year. Brian's birthday i get that but today is my january. I say what the l. l. coup j. Are you talking about please. Today is my january first went about core beliefs so one of my twin rules of life. And we don't wait for to counter to say. January first get started recreate a january. First moment any day we want to and thousands of citizens we make throughout the day. Any one of those decisions could change the trajectory of our life. We make a decision that we're going to work out. Yes that's a january first moment or we're going to sit back. We won't binge watch netflix. That's january first moment. We make a decision. We will eat hamburgers and french fries with salt and pepper and catch. My son is going to have some hot sauce. Or we're going to go up the frigerator we're gonna read it side and then there's some kale there's some broccoli stairs. There's some carrots at say so good. That's a january first so today my january first represents a do over it represents

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