Identifying Rare Compounds with A.I.


Today. We're going to talk about what's happening in the area of artificial intelligence and the discovery of new plant compounds. We're speaking with dr jim flat. He's the co founder and ceo of bright seed so. Welcome to the podcast. You great thank you for having us. kevin Of love talking about what we're doing in both howard can impact agriculture food and health. So looking forward to the discussion today. Yeah that's kind of the triad that i like to shoot for here because we talk about all three of those things usually not in one episode but the other thing that i really would like to kind of maybe extract from you if we can during the course of this is that it seems like you guys are playing on the cutting edge and we have so many students and others who are listening who are trying to think of what the heck am i gonna do it. My career where everything is moving so fast. And i you know if you could help us understand insurer how these new edges reveal themselves that would be so cool but let's start off by talking about You know your idea. Your search here is identified novel plant compounds and we already know. So much about this by metabolic tableau. Mix all. These methods are great. So what's really left to discover. Yeah so kevin. That's a great question and you know this is what's so fascinating really dive into plant. Biology is you know from your own research. Plants are often referred to as nature's south foremost chemists. They have to They produce a number of small molecule compounds of phytochemicals of that are essential for their growth and survival and as it turns out. You know we have Evolved around These plants and these compounds in terms turns out that a subset of these compounds actually have important health benefits in we call these small molecules that are health beneficial fighter nutrients

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